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The Mill Early Years Teaching Centre

The Mill Nursery and St Vigor and St John School have held Early Years Teaching Centre status since 2011.

Since then we have offered training and support to settings across Somerset, often working with other Early Years Teaching Centres and the Early Learning Area Coordinators.


We aim to:

  • work with other strategic partners, including universities, to train new entrants to the profession;

  • lead peer-to-peer learning;

  • spot and nurture leadership potential;

  • provide support for other settings when needed.


Training coming up:


  • Keep an eye out for promotional material or our websites for more information.


Please contact us if you need signposting for any support or training. We are keen to plan training for what you need - let us know!

Feedback from practitioners:


'Practical activities and ideas. Good to see the children having a go with tools and to actually take part in the activities ourselves.'

'Really enjoyed course, thanks a lot!'

'Brilliant 2 hours. Great evening and very insightful'

'Fun, very nice people, really enjoyed it'.

'Thank you - low cost, practical and useful session'.

Forest School Workshop

Forest School Workshop 1
Forest School Workshop 2
Forest School Workshop 3
Forest School Workshop 4

Outcomes of  training and feedback from The Mill Early Years

Teaching Centre:-


Forest School Workshop July 4th


The Forest School Workshop session was the first in a series of workshops that we will hold from 4pm – 6pm at a cost of £10 per practitioner. The spaces for the course quickly filled up and many practitioners said that they heard about it from word of mouth as well as the mail shot we sent to all settings within a 7 mile radius. Cathy Bushill also handed out leaflets at a cluster meeting and we received bookings from schools through this. The cost of the course was very purposely put at a low price as we wanted to encourage smaller committee run preschools as well as Private day Nurseries and schools.

A large part of the success of the workshop was that, although it was organised and promoted by myself, a large part of the actual workshop was run by our Forest School Level 3 practitioners. As these practitioners work full time in the Nursery, running two Forest School sessions a week, this gave the workshop credibility (if we can do it here – so can you!). This was initially a challenge for the three members of staff who felt unconfident about delivering training to a large group of adults but as the workshop had a very practical – hands on approachthis helped the staff to feel confident about ‘simply sharing good ideas and practice’. The feedback from the staff members who led the training was that they loved doing the training, answering questions and showing ideas. They are keen to be involved in more training at The Mill and this will have a really positive impact on staff development at our own Nursery.

The feedback from course participants was very positive (see above) with practitioners being able to implement the activities in their own settings immediately.

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