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Tuesday 24.3.20

English (24.3.20)


Today we are learning about apostrophes for possession.

We use apostrophes for two different reasons:


Reason one = Contraction. A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word.
For example:
- Do not becomes Don't
- I am becomes I'm - They are becomes

- They're Can you think of any more examples?


Reason two = To show possession (To show that something belongs to someone or something).

For example:
-The girl's pony (The pony belongs to the girl)

-The teacher's chair (The chair belongs to the teacher).


There are different rules with apostrophes to show possession for singular and plural possession. This is what we will be looking at today. 


Step one: Watch this online lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNFPnVz7JB4&t=51s


Step Two: Check your understanding with the questions below: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-lks2-apostrophes-iwb-gps-question-of-the-day-day-7/


Step Three: Complete the work below:


Rewrite the sentences adding the apostrophe in the correct place.


1. The puppies shiny, metal water bowl was empty.

2. Johns PE kit had gone missing from the porch.

3. The mens clothes were upstairs in the shop.

4. The dominoes box was small and wooden.

5. The apples large, blue bowl had been smashed on the floor.

6. The classes performance was a big hit with all of the parents.

7. Jenny really wanted to be part of Lucys group.

8. Sallys glasses were pink with purple spots.

9. The families cars were all stuck in the traffic jam.

10. The childs suitcase wouldnt fit in her Dads new car.


Think of 5 of your own sentences with possessive apostrophes in them.

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