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Thursday 26.3.20

Watch the video below to learn about the NHS.


Our NHS staff are really busy at the moment as they are working extremely hard to help look after lots of poorly people. They are probably under a lot of pressure and could probably do with a bit of cheering up.


So, here is your challenge... 


I would like you to find a way of thanking our NHS staff. You could do this in a range of different ways such as:


- Writing a song (you could do this by changing the lyrics of a song like we did with Shotgun)

- Writing a letter

- Writing a poem


Remember, this is an English task so it does have to involve words and some form of writing.


You could upload your work to Seesaw. This is your English work for Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th.


Quite a few of you have already finished your NHS "Thank you" task.


So, if you have finished, I would like you to practise punctuating speech.


Firstly, watch the video below:


You could then listen to this song about punctuating speech (I know you love it!):


Then, test your knowledge with the following questions:


Finally, rewrite the sentences below with the correct punctuation. REMEMBER: NEW SPEAKER = NEW LINE!


1)what time is it asked Peter.

2)I don’t believe it shouted John.

3)what time are you heading to work asked Joanne. In about thirty minutes replied Steven.

4)my favourite colour is red said the little boy.

5)leave it over there said the man. Ok replied the delivery man. No not there, over there said the man pointing over to the corner.

6)are we there yet moaned the children.

7)The fans shouted come on City