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Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Overview PDF

Hooray! We’ve finished our bracelets! After studying Ancient jewellery in our art lessons, we made our own bracelets using safety pins and beads. 

Autumn Term 2


This term our quest theme is, “From rainforests to carnivals, how is Brazil similar/different to the UK and Somerset?”



Somerset Carnival Visit

Today, Sue came to talk to us about Carnivals. We heard all about the history of Carnivals in Somerset and its connection with Guy Fawkes. We heard about costume and float designs (known as “carts” locally). The people involved are strapped onto the floats so with this and the small space, their movements are limited. They have to co-ordinate all their movements too!


We practised making a tableau together - the people involved might have to holed their positions for two hours! 


We we heard all about the money that Carnivals generate - with competitions and fundraising they made £28,000 at the Glastonbury carnival. 


Sue told us all about the different skills that are involved when taking part in a Carnival. 


The children behaved so well, they had to sit still for quite a while when we had our question session. They asked lots of interesting questions, here are some of the answers....

 It takes nine months to make a cart. 

It takes up to two hours for the float to go around.

The straps that hold them onto to the float, are made of leather with a hook.

Everyone is warned when the float is going to stop and start. 

The tractor drivers have spare headsets for good communication. 

There is a changing room and an emergency loo on the cart too!

I hope they come home and tell you all about it!

Homework Sharing - Carnivals, Rain Forests, The Amazon, The Kapok Tree, Brazil

Our session with Bath Rugby 

Bath Rugby

On Friday we had the privilege to have a training session with Bath Rugby. Everyone joined in and we all had a fantastic time. We worked on many skills including our passing, our speed, defending, agility and of course, team spirit. 

Autumn 1
This term’s quest is all about Ancient Egypt. We ask the question, “ What can we discover about Ancient Egypt through the eyes of experts?”
We are reading Secrets of the Sun King by Somerset author Emma Carroll. We have contacted her and she has written back about what inspired her to write this novel.