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Microsoft Teams:

  • Each day, I will set up a quiz on Microsoft Teams for your English learning. 
  • These quizzes will be THE SAME activities as on these activity sheets.
  • I will do quizzes as well to save home printing if needed.


Our English Learning:

This week, we will be using the film 'The Alchemist's Letter' as a focus of our English. This can be found at:

Explanation of the film:

This short film tells the story of a young man, named Verideon, who returns to his childhood home to receive his father's unique inheritance.

Verideon's father was an alchemist. Alchemy is the very old
study of how to change basic substances (such as lead) into other substances (such as gold).
People who studied alchemy were called alchemists. Verideon's father, The Alchemist, had created a machine that turned memories intogold.

The main story is told in the form of a letter read by the Alchemist, to his son Verideon. As he reads the letter, we see Verideon exploring his father's workshop. The machinery is beautiful and filled with its creators strongest and most precious memories. We find out that the Alchemist abandoned his family and subsequently regretted it.

It is with this regret that the Alchemist sabotages his own machine and Verideon decides not to use the machine for his own
gains. Verideon listened his father's words and returned home to his daughter - to make more memories.

Daily English Activities