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Maths - Divide 2 Digit by 1 Digit (2)

Today, we are continuing to divide 2 digits by 1 digit. You should try exchanging today. Make sure you use your knowledge of related calculations to support you. You should also draw things to help with working out. 

If you've missed the live input, watch the video on this link from WhiteRose.

Today you've got a WhiteRose worksheet to complete. These get tricky towards the end so if you can't finish it, don't worry. 

If this is too tricky, choose another of the worksheets from yesterday. Make sure you go up a level though! If you did the green worksheet yesterday, you should do the orange today. 

Spelling Mat - Experiment

Try to complete this Spelling Mat in 8 minutes like we would at school! Then, make sure you try and use it in your writing this week. 

Today, you will be deciding on the structure of your very own Viking legend. Think carefully about each section of the story. You have already created your god, use the suggestions in the PDF to give you some ideas for the other sections. 


Every Friday, Mrs Tyler will be making you a video to follow along with at home. The link will be posted in teams.