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Today we are reading and interpreting tally charts. You have two worksheets to choose between today. One includes data collected from children in school, the other is a WhiteRose sheet. Remember, these sheets get progressively trickier so don't worry if you can't complete it. 
If you miss the live input, you can watch this video to learn more -

Read the first few pages of Leo and the Octopus by Isabelle Marinov and Chris Nixon. Draw an emotion map to show how Leo feels at each point in the story. These are the points you should include on your map. 

  1. Leo says no one understands him. 
  2. Leo relaxes in his box. 
  3. Leo meets Maya.

Now, think about how you could help someone who feels like Leo. What might you say to them/do for them. Write it down. 

Follow the instructions on the pdf to complete the worksheet. 

In this lesson, you will also find your spellings for this week. Do the task on the worksheet now, and during the week make sure you practise some more. You could use the spelling activity ideas which are on our class page under additional resources.

DT - Design and Build Your Vehicle

It's time for you to use everything you've learnt about forces to design and build your own vehicle. Will you build an air powered balloon car? Or maybe a gravity assisted parachute vehicle? Perhaps you'll use magnets in a creative way to move your vehicle. It is up to you. Be sure to send me a video of your completed design!