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This is for children who are at home self isolating. Have a go at this Science lesson at:


Then answer the following:


Q1.Which of these is the last step in the fossilisation process?

a) The fossil is exposed at the Earth's surface

b) An animals skeleton is buried by sediment

c) The skeleton dissolves and a mould is formed


Q2.What is the fossil record?

a) a characteristic that helps an organisms to survive in its environment

b) A collection of fossils found across different ages of rock

c) the process by which living things gradually change over time


Q3.If fossils are deeper down in rock are the newer or older fossils?

a) newer fossils

b) older fossils


Q4.Which of these is NOT a reason that parts of the fossil record are missing.

a) In the rock cycle some rocks that contain fossils are destroyed.

b) Some organisms don't have bones.

c) Some organisms decompose before they are covered by sediment.

Science - 3.12.21


We will talk through the activities during the live streamed lesson on Teams but here are the worksheets that you will be using today.