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being ethical,

being connected,

being unique


Week 1 - 

This week our spellings are year 2 common exception words. These are words which we use a lot in our writing but are tricky to spell.

Spelling words - because, kind, told, every, any, our, even, sure, great, break.

Can you fill in the gaps using your spelling words? If you'd like to do some extra practice, have a go at rainbow write.

Week 2 - 

We’ll be making the /a/ sound using ‘ei’ or ‘eigh’. We can find this sound in words like eight and vein.

Your spelling words this week are eight, eighth, eighty, weight, neighbour, vein, veil, beige, sleigh, freight.

Can you find and underline the words which have the long /a/ sound spelt with 'ei' or 'eigh'?