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Spring 4


In preparation for Holy Week, (Don't forget your pebble!) in RE this week, we have been learning about the importance of the cross to Christians. We began our lesson by discussing the events of Good Friday and Jesus' crucifixion. We then took part in a fun activity to investigate why the cross is important. We cleared the classroom and used two long sticks to create two areas with a gap in between; these represented God, people and sin. The children jumped from one area to the other, until the gap was too big to jump over - this represented the sin that separates us from God. We then considered how the cross can bridge the gap and allow us to have a friendship with God as Jesus died for our sins. 



How can we design and create a musical instrument to play in a class orchestra? 

This term we will be carrying on with our QUEST  - Sound.


During Science Week we discovered "Sound". In one activity, each child was given a straw and a pair of scissors. They tried to blow air across the top of the straw to make a sound. After each blow, they cut a bit off the straw to see if the sound changed - it did - this showed us that the shorter the straw, the higher the note. 


We watched footage of orchestras, discussing the different sections. We listened to different instruments playing and had to guess what they were. The children then looked at real musical instruments to see how the sound was produced - did we hit them, shake them, blow into them, pluck them etc? The children then planned and designed their own instruments and collected appropriate resources to use for their designs. (Thank you for sending so many wonderful items in to school, for the children to use)


During the week we also joined some informative science sessions on teams. A particular favourite was the Hero Arm. This was a prosthetic arm that Liz showed us. Elder were fascinated and asked some thoughtful questions. Marcie was so inspired she went home and made a robotic arm.


Apologies if we did not manage to capture all the children in a photo - we do try but it can be tricky to snap everyone and try to assist with their creations! We need a full time official photographer!