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Stand Alone Work

These home learning activities stand alone and revise skills we've already learnt in school so can be done at any point this term if you find yourself having to isolate. If you feel well enough to do so, complete one writing, one maths and a 'Quest' activity each day that you are absent. I've also included some reading comprehension and SPAG revision sheets to keep you busy if you'd like some extra work. Remember you could complete some of your Quest homework activities if the activities below don't suit you. 

Don't forget to practise some if the young voices songs using the code YV2021 and log into TT Rockstars to practise your timetables.

I look forward to seeing what you get up to! 


Whilst at home, delve into the magical world of Harry Potter! 

Day 1 - imagine yourself as a Hogwarts Professor 

Day 2 - invent a magic potion

Day 3 - write a letter using the checklist and word mat to support you

Day 4 and 5 - choose a setting and write a detailed description. If you haven't read the books (or seen the films) you could research some images for inspiration, or use the word maps and make up your own magical world. 

Whether you've read Harry Potter or not, this writing is entirely your own so make it unique - don't try to retell the story that already exists. 


Recap fractions, specifically equivalent fractions. Each worksheet has a video below to help you. There are also some problem solving activities for you to complete. There isn't a video to support you with this - you'll need to think back to some learning from a bit earlier in the year!

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions (part 2): Reducing Fractions

Change an Improper Fraction into a Mixed Number

Change a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction

Science - Space

Use this Oak Academy lesson to learn all about what astronomers do. You might like to skip the starter quiz because it links to the previous Oak Academy Lesson 


History - Trains

Create a timeline of the history of trains.

The invention if a steam engine during the industrial revolution meant that trains became more popular. You can simply order the statements provided or conduct your own research to create a personalised train timeline.


Art - Grafitti 

Banksy is a controversial graffiti artist who often tries to send a political message in his artwork. This particular piece of artwork was quickly removed by the council. Here's a report from a newspaper at the time:

'Banksy has struck again – but a council in the east of England has struck back, removing his artwork that it said contained “offensive and racist remarks" ' 

Study the image of his artwork. Do you think this particular piece of graffiti would make a migrant feel welcome? Do you think Banksy intended to show racism?

Edit this artwork to welcome migrants. You could use a different variety of birds, or put the birds in celebration clothes... what would a welcome look like to you? You can draw on top of the image or redraw it from scratch. 


Computing - Spreadsheets

Create a spreadsheet to test a hypothesis.

Log in to your purple mash account and open the spreadsheet 2do. Edit it by watching this video or following the written instructions. 


PE - Inside Out

You'll need a second player to keep this game going... it could be a great way to get the washing done though! 

PE Home Learning Inside Out