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Storm Eunice!

Maths - Common Denominators

This video will recap how to order fractions by finding a common denominator. At 4mins 17secs the video shows an example where the common denominator isn't so easy to find.
Your tasks today practise using this skill - finding tricky common denominators.
You have a comparing task, an ordering task and then a tricky challenge. Don't worry if you can't complete the challenge.
To help you with your fraction work, you could find equivalent fractions around the house - can you cut two sandwiches into two different but equivalent fractions?
Good Luck!

English - The ABC by Spike Milligan

Your English task is simple - learn this poem inside out! We will be performing it at the poetry slam in the first week back after half term.
You were given your own copy of the poem as you left school today but I've also uploaded a digital version below.
This poem is a conversation between some of the different letters of the alphabet - it gets a bit heated at times! Your performance of this poem should reflect this. You should try to change voices for each letter and pay attention to how each letter speaks. For example - C is 'vexed' and h roars! I think we can do better than the example below but it gives you an idea of where to start!
If you'd like, you could also write your own 'ABC' poem - can you think of some other conversations they might have? Or you could write a similar poem but with numbers instead... Perhaps it could start with a rumour that 7, 8, 9!
If you write your own poem, I'd love to see it. Please upload it to Teams or bring it into school with you after half term.

SPAG - Parenthesis 

We've been leaning about using different types of punctuation for parenthesis in class. Can you remember which punctuation marks can be used for parenthesis? 

Complete this worksheet and challenge yourself by changing the commas to be different the punctuation marks which can also be used as parenthesis. 

Art - David Speed

On Monday, we were lucky enough to meet the street artist, David Speed.

We learnt how to recreate his neon line work, but now I'd like you to try your hand at creating a portrait using only one colour. 

David said he paints using only one colour because he likes a challenge, and I know you do too! So, choose a pet, a family member, a celebrity or even a fictional character and try to draw them using only one colour.

Think carefully about how you can create different shades of the same colour. Those white pencils we all have lying around might have finally found their time to shine!


Lastly, as a reminder, you can practise all of your Young Voices songs (and dances!) by heading to the YV Music Room and entering the code YV2021.