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Term 1

This term, our quest asks 'how can we help develop a happy and healthy community?'. 

Below is a break down of the subject coverage this term. To see an enlarged version, click on the PDF link. 


Forest School

This term, we've been considering how to keep ourselves happy and healthy. In DT, we've learnt about food waste and have looked at some healthy recipes. In Science, we've learnt how to keep our bodies healthy (by exercising and eating well) and in Geography we've learnt about food miles and trade (we were surprised that our school fruit came from places as far away as South Africa!). Today, all of this learning came together in a fun morning of outdoor cooking!

We had already thought about some healthy recipes which would minimise food waste (in a DT lesson) and we decided that apple pancakes would be both healthy and a good recipe to use up left over food! Grace kindly donated some apples and pears from her garden and we used some eggs from the school chickens which meant we knew that half of our ingredients were locally sourced. Luckily, the milk and flour were also from UK farms. 

In groups; we started the fire, peeled the fruit, chopped the fruit and made a batter. We put the chopped fruit into the pancake batter and the peelings went onto the compost pile. Finally, we could cook and eat the pancakes! Lots of us took turns flipping pancakes or stirring the apples.

Whilst outside, we also made an Autumnal decoration for the church ready for our harvest celebrations next week. 

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Maths - representing roman numerals up to 1000

Science Enquiery - Does your height effect your heart rate during exercise?

Geography - Renewable Energy Sources

Today we were given the task of providing electricity to the remote island 'Moja'. We looked at a map of the island to understand what natural resources were available, then in groups we researched various renewable energy sources and found which best matched with the villages on the island. 

Reading is Magic Festival

Today we joined in with a Reading is Magic Festival event featuring Joseph Cohelo. This term we've been using Joseph Cohelo's poetry to inspire our own poetry so it was really exciting to write poetry alongside him! 

Art - mixing hues and collaborating to make a class portrait inspired by Chuck Close

Science - understanding how the heart works

A Heart Model

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Maths - comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000!

Geography - locating human and physical features on a map

RE - Why do Muslims follow sawm?