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being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

Term 1

#adventurous #connected


Today, our first group of children enjoyed day 1 of Bike Ability! What a wonderful day had by all. A big thank you to Steve and our parent helpers. Roll on tomorrow!

#adventurous #ethical #connected #unqiue


Today, we went on a field trip with Mrs Sumbler! What a fabulous time we had classifying animals in our local woodland. We collected data to use for our CREST award.What a variety of wonderful creatures we found. We were careful to make sure we left the environment as we found it.

#connected #adventurous

What lovely weather to spend our first afternoon being coached by Bath Cricket! Roll our Monday's - what a fabulous time we had.

#connected #adventurous

Another lovely day enjoying the sunshine! Today, we were geographers and used OS maps to plan walking routes around our local area. We were reading grid references and using compass points to navigate. We also created our own maps of our local environment.



What a lovely afternoon we had enjoying the sunshine! We explored asexual reproduction in plants by taking cuttings to create genetically identical clones. Fingers crossed they grow!

Happy Friday!


Wow - what a wonderful first week back we've had! We have been super busy enjoying catching up with each other and with our learning.

#adventurous #unique #connected

This week, we spent some time looking at the different parts of flowers and how flowers reproduce. Today, we used origami to construct paper flowers. We thought carefully about the intricate nature of the parts inside a flower. We discussed which parts of the flower the inner folds could represent.