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Term 2


This afternoon, we explored chemical weathering (erosion). We mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to observe the reaction as we discovered that rain is slightly acidic - meaning it erodes rock over many years. Then, we explored the effect that water has when travelling downhill on sand. These reactions happen in nature over a long period of time. 


What an inspiring day. Recently, we've been exploring the continent of Antarctica whilst reading 'Shackleton's Journey'. Today, we interviewed David (an artic explorer) about his adventure to Antarctica. What an inspirational individual - thank you for giving us your time. 

#connected #adventurous

This afternoon, as part of our online learning, we explored the continent of Antarctica and through about the route of the ‘Endurance’ expedition. Some of us used online research to create fact files about Antarctica to share with the class.

#adventurous #unique

This afternoon, as part of our online learning, we spent some time exploring fossil records to discovered how creatures have evolved over time. Some of us challenges ourselves by making your own fossils using salt dough at home!


Today, in English, we wrote postcard from the perspective of Charles Darwin during his voyage to the Galapagos Islands. This afternoon, as part of our home learning, some of us created our own illustrations for our postcard designs. 



We have been busy researching animals from the Galapagos Islands. Some of us have had a go at sketching and modelling our favourite Galapagos animals.


So wonderful to see children inspired by our QUEST for this term with their half term projects. I can't wait to explore the impact of an ever-changing world. 


We had such a lovely afternoon as part of our marble reward treat. We had pizza, we played board games, we modelled using clay, we programmed using SCRATH, and we played outside! It was so lovely catching up on missed social time with everyone in our class.

#connected #adventurous

We had an amazing time completing a coaching session with Bath Rugby this afternoon. Happy FRIDAY! A super end to a great first week back.