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Term 3

This term, our quest asks 'How did the industrial revolution change Britain?' 

Below is a break down of the subject coverage this term. To see an enlarged version, click on the PDF link. 

Why do ships float?

In art we're creating some graffiti mood boards - we're thinking carefully about the spaces we'd like to improve with graffiti

Maths - what is an equivalent fraction?

The loaf of bread was cut into 20 slices. So, we figured out that 1 slice of bread = 1/20. This helped us to find equivalent fractions for 1/2 of the loaf, 1/4 of the loaf and 1/10 of the loaf. Then we found some equivalent fractions by cutting up the slices equally. 

Science - finding the shape with the most water resistance!

Maths - Using our understanding of remainders to guess a randomly generated number.

Science - devising our own unique tests to investigate the impact of air resistance on a falling objects

Designing a graffiti tag which uses contrasting colours

Acting out Abraham and Sarah's story in RE

Learning how to use the area model to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits