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being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

Term 4

Drawing line maps in Geography

Planting into the community garden

Our Journey Through Easter Week

Recreating the Bayeux Tapestry


Still image for this video
In groups, we made videos to explain how a plant is pollinated. Here's just one of our fantastic videos! This group thought outside of the box and made props to help them explain the process. #unique

RE - Holy Week

We've been learning about Holy Week in RE this term. Here you can see some of the freeze frames we created of the key events in Holy Week. Can you tell what each freeze frame depicts? 

Counting in fractions

Look at how well our seeds are growing!

These are the pieces of fabric we dyed with our natural dyes. The turmeric worked really well!

Some of our flowers changed colour!

Our Poppies Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

Today in forest school we've been making natural dyes using plants. We chopped, ground and smashed our ingredients then boiled them on the fire. Whilst we were waiting for the dyes to boil, we completed some art work. We've been studying Georgia O'keeffe and today we talked about the different shades of red in Red Poppy. We worked hard to make our own shades of red. 

Giving our seeds more room.

Staying Active!

How is water transported through plants?

We're conducting a test to see how water is transported through plants. We have put some flowers in normal water and some in dyed water. Will they change colour? 

We're all back together! #connected

Close Observation Plant Sketches and Photography #unique

Making paper flowers. #unique

Planting seeds to grow in our community garden #ethical #connected