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Term 5

Today, Elder class showed us what they have learnt about Romans this term.

Today, we read our first play script! We identified the features then acted it out.

We are amazing athletes! Thank you Isabelle Haigh for showing us how to get strong enough to balance people on our feet!

In art, weve been making our own repeating prints inspired by William Morris

Today we composed our own rhythms to perform to the class

One of our rhythms

Still image for this video

This term, we're exploring how to keep healthy. First we walked to Downside woods to forage for wild garlic. We know that walking is an easy way to keep fit and we know that eating fresh food keeps you healthy. Once we had collected the wild garlic, we came back to Lilly's wood. We shared the fruit and vegetables we had brought in from home and then split into groups to make a fruit salad, some soup and some wild garlic pesto. Whilst we were waiting for the soup to cook, we wrote instructions so that anyone can have a go at cooking our recipes! We made sure to include why our recipe was healthy. Finally, we all had a taste of our food and discussed which was our favourite recipe. The fruit salad was very popular! 

Learning how muscles help us move

When one muscle in a pair contracts, the other relaxes. 

Learning about the human skeleton


In History, we've been learning about how the foundation of the NHS has impacted British history. This is a picture of Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan and a 13-year-old girl called Sylvia Diggory, a 13 year old who was the first ever NHS patient. We researched life in Britain in 1948 and these are some of the reasons why we think the NHS was founded based on what we found out. 

"People were getting sick because they didn't have much money."

"People were cold and poorly because they didn't have central heating."

"The war made people have less money and it also made people injured." 

"To stop everyone from suffering."

Soon, we'll find out if any of these reasons are similar to why the NHS was really started. 

Pentecost Artwork

Learning about the food groups and balanced diets

Today, we made some silly sentences books inspired by Ketchup on your Cornflakes by Nick Sharratt