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Term 6

We've released out butterflies... and harvested some potatoes!

Today we learnt about mixing shades of a colour then painted our ammonites

This term we've been reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons. Today we were challenged to make our own little dragons out of recycled materials in just 20 minutes. We can't believe they're all so unique!

In computing, we've been learning about branching databases. Here are some we made on our tables!

Finding out about local geologist William Smith

Learning about different types of rock

Today, Mrs Sumbler taught us about fossils and how they are formed. We had a fantastic time studying and describing the fossils. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

A trip to see Whatley Quarry! Thank you Anthony for telling us so much about quarries, how they work and why they're important. We had a blast!

We were lucky enough to watch a blast at a local quarry! It was very exciting. They are collecting limestone which will be used to make buildings

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Sketching and making ammonites using clay, focusing on shading and texture

Classifying rocks by conducting tests to identify their unique qualities

Features of Volcanoes

Today we learnt about Mary Anning's life and acted out some of the key moments. 

1. Struck by lightning as a baby. 

2. Looking for fossils as a child with her father. 

3. Selling the fossils outside her house with her brother. 

4. Going to visit Elizabeth Philpot's collection of fossils. 

5. Finding a huge fossil in a lump of slate on the beach. 

6. Chiseling the Ichthyosaur carefully from the rock and selling it to a scientist. 

Looking for right angles in the sunshine

We are geologists! We explored our school grounds and found lots of different types of rocks. We made notes about the rocks then classified our findings as a class.

This morning we transported to New York and made rainy soundscapes. We'll be writing a story set in rainy New York this term.

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