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The curriculum at St Vigor and St John CofE Primary School

The curriculum at St Vigor and St John School is based on four key areas within our vision for learning; these areas set out to describe the sort of dispositions we want our children to develop in life.

They are;

  • Being Adventurous
  • Being Ethical
  • Being Connected
  • Being Unique

Our curricuum is designed to promote and support children's development and capacity in these areas.


Each half-term, teachers plan learning within an Enquiry Question or Quest. They group together elements of learning from different subjects and aim to develop our pupil's ability to explore, research and answer the enquiry question. We aim to do this through a balance of lessons that develop subject knowledge and understanding, key subject skills and key learning skills or 'habits'. We have developed six key 'learning habits' that we focus on when planning children's' learning. These are -  being curious, communicating, analysing, evaluating, making links and growing ideas.

We celebrate children's achievements in these habits every week in assembly.


Teachers plan to make learning real and relevant by linking activities to the children's world and by having tangible outcomes to learning. We aim to involve people and organisations from outside school (e.g. artists, farmers, people with stories and experiences to share) and take children on visits to help bring learning alive (e.g. visits to historical sites, factories, quarries, galleries).


Each half term, teachers share curriculum plans with parents - the focus and key learning outcomes for each subject and some of the ways you can support learning at home. They invite parents into school to share planning and to share in key learning outcomes - children always love sharing their learning with you!

Details of this planning will be available on the following class curriculum links on our website. Have a look at the events page and class pages for photographs and activities.


Phonics Teaching

Each day, the children in Arum and Bryony Class are taught phonics in small groups or as a whole class. We teach phonics as part of the English curriculum in Campion class and in KS2 as needed, together with spelling, to ensure all our children are confident in using phonics to help them to read and write. We use a number of phonics teaching resources including a government publication called ‘Letters and Sounds’.


Early Reading

Within school we use a wide range of reading materials to support children in their reading development. We use a series of books from ‘Rigby Star’ and ‘Lighthouse’ which are developmental in the way children are exposed to more and more challenging text types and word selections. We also use books from a scheme called ‘Bug Club’; some of these books introduce phonics step by step to help children decode and do not include many other unfamiliar words.

In the Autumn term just after their children have started school, Arum class parents will be invited to a meeting where we will talk about our phonics and reading provision.


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