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**The dates on the files are a day incorrect because I was expecting to be teaching on Tuesday. Sorry for any confusion this causes!**

Follow the instructions on the pdf then complete the worksheet. If you'd prefer to write on paper, send me a picture attached to this assignment. 

If you find typing hard but want to complete this digitally, try using the dictate feature in powerpoint. Click on the microphone on the top right of the home tab. Further instructions for how to use this feature can be found here:


Reading Comprehension

This week, we are practising our times tables ready to move onto multiplying 2 digit numbers. It is important we are secure in our understanding of the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables before we move on. There are daily additional challenges for those who feel like they need to spice things up a bit and as always, you can practise your times tables in any other way you find useful. In class, we use the website top marks to play times table games. 

More information for each individual lesson will be given during the live stream. 

Today you have one activity for your 3's, one activity for your 4's and one activity for your 8's. You do not need to do all of them. It is better that you just choose one you find the trickiest

This week you'll be reading the very start of a book called I Was a Rat by Philip Pullman. Last term we read another book by Philip Pullman, can you remember what it's called?

There are 3 comprehension questions about the text to complete and then a little activity.

The activity is about summarising. It's a skill we've practised a lot, remember, summaries only include the important information and they are as short as possible.

Although the text is on the question sheet, I've also attached it separately in case you need it a bit bigger. I've also attached a larger copy of the summary table.

I'm excited to see how you answer these questions!