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Maths - Divide 2 Digits by 1 Digit

Today, we are beginning to divide 2 digits by 1 digit. Make sure you use your knowledge of related calculations to support you. You should also draw things to help with working out. 

If you need more input, watch the video on this link from WhiteRose.

The PDF has 3 levels of challenge, just choose one worksheet to complete.  


Today is free read day! Choose a book to read at home or alternatively, use this time to practise the spellings you were given on Monday. 

Today, we're revisiting how to correctly punctuate speech. If you need clarification after my input, watch this video -

There are two worksheets to choose from. You only need to do one

I've also attached a sentence building game you could play at home. We've done this before in class when learning about pickle punctuation. Try to make your sandwich correctly. 

French - Counting to 10

Watch this video and practise counting along with the children.

Can you find the words for these numbers in this word search? 

Try and play this game at home using the french words for the numbers!