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Maths - How Many Ways?

Today we're investigation combinations of objects to find out how many ways they can be grouped. This is more fun if you have something to group at home. 

If you missed the live input, watch this video from WhiteRose:

The worksheet today is a WhiteRose sheet. These get progressively trickier so don't worry if you can't finish it. 

English - Writing a Viking Legend

Today, you will write the fourth paragraph of your legend. This paragraph will present a conflict. In other words, something will go wrong! 

Make sure you use your word mat to support you. 

I have also attached an example of my own version of Thor's Stolen Hammer which I have rewritten using the plan I made. Don't print this again if you already have it. 

PSHE - Positive Thinking

Watch this video and press the arrows to have a think about the questions. 

Afterwards, think about why Mojo felt so sad. He hadn't been kind to himself. He needs to choose better words to speak to himself with to stop himself from creating fears. Complete your activity to think some more about 'better words'.