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Maths - Bar Charts

Today we are interpreting and presenting data in bar charts. You have one worksheet to complete today. Remember, these sheets get progressively trickier so don't worry if you can't complete it. 
If you miss the live input, you can watch this video to learn more -

There is also a video here to show you how to draw a bar chart -

Reading Comprehension

Complete this reading comprehension activity on your own. 

English - Vocab Collecting

Follow the instructions on this PDF or attend the live lesson to create a bank of vocabulary on the worksheet. 

Do not write your sentences yet! In this lesson, we will just be collecting ideas. Tomorrow we will write our sentences as a paragraph

French - Numbers

Today we will be revisiting the numbers 1-10 and learning the numbers 11-20. 

Watch this video to learn the numbers 1-20 with Madeleine 


In our live session at 2:30 today we will play bingo using these bingo sheets. Mrs Mills has kindly offered to be our bingo number reader and will read the number out in French for you to cross out on your sheet. Just choose one sheet for yourself. You could have a go before the live lesson to help you practise your numbers.