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Good morning Gentian Class and a Happy New Year,


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, have eaten too much chocolate, and have spent far too long in your pyjamas! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more snow so that we can have snow days making snowmen and sledging.


I'm so sad that I don't get to see in the new year but seeing all of your faces in our classroom. We will have to continue our learning online over the next few weeks which I know some of you will love but some of you will not - but I know we will all only try our best and that is all we ask.


Today, I will set up a teams meeting for all of us today at 11am so that we can talk about how this may look as it will have to look slightly different to when we did it in November as I will also be teaching some key worker children in school. I still plan to live stream a Maths, English, Reading and 1 other lesson each day - but the timings of this will be different from before (I've listened to your feedback - we will have longer breaks)! 


Activities Today:


  • DoodleMaths: it would be amazing if you could spend some time on this - I have set an extra activity. A huge well done to children who have continued to complete this over Christmas. A massive congratulations to Izzy who has achieved a 100 DAY STREAK! Well done =)
  • WW11: Before Christmas, I sent home some suggested WW11 activities that you could choose from. It would be great to have a look at these this morning and think about which activity/activities you would like to have a go at over the coming week.
  • During our class assembly, I will speak about creating a poster about what you know already about WW11 and questions about what you would like to find out. You can decorate these as you wish - with illustrations to make them look lovely.
  • I have also attached a code breaking WW11 activity that you may wish to try, and if you have a printer, a spitfire model that you can colour and create


It would be lovely to see any photos posted on our teams page.


I look forward to seeing you all at 11am. Have a lovely morning,


Mrs Higgs