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Maths - Multiply 2 Digits by 1 Digit (1)

Today, we are continuing to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit. You should try exchanging today. Make sure you use your knowledge of related calculations to support you. 

If you've missed the live input, watch the video on this link from WhiteRose.

Today you have the WhiteRose worksheet to complete. These can get quite tricky towards the end. Don't worry if you can't finish it. 

If you find exchanging too tricky, try another of the worksheets from yesterday - make sure you go up a level though! If you did the green worksheet yesterday, try the orange today. 

Reading Comprehension

Complete this reading comprehension activity on your own. 

Today, we're revisiting how to use apostrophes for possession. Look through the PDF to remind yourself what this means then complete the worksheet. You have two tasks to complete then a writing activity. As always, challenge yourselves with your sentences. Maybe you could use a simile or alliteration? Be a show off! 

There is a video here if you need extra input -

Learn about friction and what your experiment is today by reading through the PDF, then complete the worksheet. If you'd like to, you could watch this video for more information.