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Maths - Scaling

Today, we are learning about scaling. 

If you've missed the live input, watch the video on this link from WhiteRose.

Today you've got a WhiteRose worksheet to complete. These get tricky towards the end so if you can't finish it, don't worry.

Reading Comprehension

Complete this reading comprehension activity on your own. 

English - Writing our own Viking legend

Today, you will write the third paragraph of your legend. This paragraph will introduce your quest. You must include 1 line of speech in this paragraph. 

Make sure you use your word mat to support you. 

I have also attached an example of my own version of Thor's Stolen Hammer which I have rewritten using the plan I made. This is the same example as yesterday, so don't print it if you already have it! 

Learn about magnets and what your experiment is today by reading through the PDF, then complete the worksheet. There are two videos to watch today. 

Magnets attract/ repel - 

Fun with magnets! -