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Week 1 (23/03/20)

Timetable - 

Monday English Maths Geography
Tuesday English Maths DT / Art
Wednesday English Maths Science
Thursday English Maths Science
Friday English Maths History


In your home learning books, you have several guided reading and spelling activities to keep you busy too! 


Don't forget to use websites like: to get active (and have fun) for times table practice to practice your IT skills

General Documents

Friday - Check Your Change help

Still image for this video
Thursday - Watch this video to show you the life cycle of a plant Then complete one of the tasks on the worksheet, or think of your own way to show the life cycle of a plant. I'm excited to see how you show what you've learnt!

Art / DT

Tuesday - Watch this video of the book The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires Use your imagination today to create and build! Look around your home to find materials to build with: Lego, Duplo, Play-Doh, blocks, boxes, wood, paper, blankets, sticks, string, sand, mud... anything! Then, design and build with your materials. You can build whatever you like but you must draw a plan first. Upload a picture of your plan alongside your magnificent thing to show me what you've done. Have fun!

We were supposed to be doing this project as part of our learning for our next quest, but I think right now it's more important than ever to consider how important the NHS is! 
The NHS was founded in 1948. The main reason for starting it was to ensure that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, could stay healthy and be treated the same.
I'd like you to research what life was like before the NHS and then tell me why you think it was introduced on the worksheet attached. You can use the information on your worksheet about life in the 1940's to get you started, then use your computers to find out more. 
Then, follow this link It is a competition which asks you to say 'thank you' to the people hard at work at the NHS. 
You can make - 
Creative artwork: a painting, drawing, video or slideshow OR
Creative writing: a story, song, poem or thank you card
Use the resources on this link to find out all about the different roles in the NHS before you make your entry. Not everyone who works for the NHS is a doctor or a nurse. 
It doesn't matter if you don't finish this today, take your time and make it good!