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being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

Week 1

Phonics (Monday)

Phonics (Tuesday)

Phonics (Wednesday)

Phonics (Thursday)


Monday Maths

Maths Wednesday input

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Wednesday Maths

Thursday Maths

Friday Maths



Science (Monday) 

How can we sort things?

Can you draw the things you see in the video and sort them into Living, non-living and never lived.


Geography (Tuesday) 

What is a Landmark?

Look at the different landmarks in the UK. Which are natural landmarks and which are man made? 

Can you make a poster about natural and man made landmarks?


DT (Wednesday) 

What games did the Victorians play?

The Victorian's played board games like 'chess', 'snakes and ladders', 'draughts', 'Ludo' and 'Fox and Geese'. Could you create your own Victorian board game or your own version of one of these games?


History (Thursday) 

Who was Queen Victoria? 

Can you create a fact file about Queen Victoria?