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Week 2


Picture book journey by Aaron Becker



This week we are going to be looking at the picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and it's Sequel 'Quest'. 


Monday - Look at the settings in the story 'Journey' . Can you choose a setting and write a setting description? 


Tuesday - Read 'Quest'. Can you create a treasure map of the imaginary places in the story to show where all the pens are kept? 


Thursday - You found your own magic pen! Can you write a story of what happened when your found your magic pen? Where did you go? What did you draw? What happened next? 


Friday - Create your own picture book for your story! 



Instead of having a set reading assignment this week, we would love you to practise your reading at home and read some stories that you love! The best way to improve your reading fluency is to practise your reading as much as you can! If you're stuck for books why not try Oxford owl for some brand new stories? There are also lots of different Audiobooks for you to enjoy at home this week to! 


Enjoy! :)





For phonics this week we would like you to practise the skills you've already learnt so far! There are lots of games on phonics play for you to use. 


username: jan21

password: home

Can you practise your phase 5 and 6 phonics? 

Enjoy! :) 



Thursday - Design your own 3D shape imaginary city! 


Friday - Speedy maths!


book by Aaron Becker, music by Jaqueline Kyoda

Book week Quest 


Make your own book mark!


Audio books!


Create a potato book character! 


Create a picture book theatre!


Book week events


Story time - Monday 2:15


Thursday 10:30 - Live event