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Week 7 (04/05/20)

Home Learning Week 7

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Times Table Quiz (Monday)

Addition and Subtraction Number Line Challenge (Thursday)

This week's activity requires some careful thinking. You will need two players. The aim of the game is to stop your opponent from being able to take their turn by thinking ahead. I've attached the instructions for the game as a PDF. Good luck!

Thursday's New Spellings

This week we will be focusing on the prefixes super, sub and inter. I should have done these last week when we were writing about superheroes! Here are a few example words you could use to practice. 











Guided Reading (Friday)

This week you'll be reading the very start of a book called I Was a Rat by Philip Pullman.  There are 3 comprehension questions about the text to complete and then a little activity. The activity is about summarising. It's a skill we've practised a lot, remember, summaries only include the important information and they are as short as possible. Although the text is on the question sheet, I've also attached it separately in case you need it a bit bigger. I've also attached a bigger version of the options for question 4 as I'm aware these are quite small! 

Problem Solving (Friday)

Follow this link and find week 2 lesson 3. There are only 4 questions to do but they'll require some careful thinking! If you want to do more problem solving, have a look at lesson 4 on the same page. 

BBC Teach Super Movers

If you mixed PE with all of the times tables and some bright colours in a big pot... This is what you would end up with!

These are a really brilliant way to make sure you're staying active and nailing those tricky times tables. Give it a go!