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Week beginning 28.3.22

Ms Rogers' Maths - Draw 2D Shapes (Thursday)

Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet.

Lines of Symmetry (Friday)

Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet.

History - Design a poster to encourage the Victorians to travel by train. Remember that they were a little nervous of the invention of the railway so try to encourage them to use the train to go to new destinations such as the beach. There are a few examples below:


We are going to practise using a thesaurus today. If you have one at home see how many different words you can find for the following colours:


red - crimson, cherry, coral...... Can you find any more?




I have given you a few examples to start you off! You could create a mind map with the colour in the middle and then put all of the alternative words you find around the outside. 


What is your favourite colour? Now have a go at finding alternative words for that colour.