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Elder – Year 4

What can we find out about Ancient Egypt from what has been discovered by experts?

Maths - Ordering Numbers Through 0 on a Number Line

Clarinet Lessons Going Well

Creating Dances Based on Building the Pyramids

We Looked at an Egyptian Poo to Find Out What the Ancient Egyptians Ate

STEM Challenge: Building an Egyptian Shaduf out of Newspaper


How Does a Carnival Bring Us Closer to Our Community?

Playing Carnival Inspired Samba Music

How can we use our knowledge about the human body to persuade people to live more active lifestyles and exercise? 

Learning about the structure of bones

Using concrete methods to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

Science Bones Workshop

How can we use our knowledge of sound to produce and sell ear defenders in a Dragon's Den scenario?

Making and Using Paper Cup Telephones

World Book Day

World Book Day  1

Understanding fractions bigger than 1 (converting improper fractions to mixed)

I'm still working on uploading the videos of the dance festival. Thank you to everyone who came and watched and thank you to all the children in both Elder and Foxglove who took part. I am beyond proud of you all. Your hard work and determination really showed. Thank you for being so amazing! 


Miss Craney

Dance Festival

Dance Festival  1

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