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Bryony - Year 1


Please look out for the new country dancing letter! We are dancing at 3 different venues -

Sat 7th July church fete at 3.30

Friday 13th July school fair at 6pm

Saturday 14th July Chilcompton Celebrates at The Redan at 2.45pm


I need to know asap who can dance where to sort out partners.

Because of fears of choking can grapes only be sent to school if they are cut longways.

Thank you.

The theatre trip was a great success and following on from this we are about to have a rocket and astronaut area in the classroom alongside Grandma's cottage. It is wonderful to have money to spend when we need it - e.g. astronaut dressing up suits. Thank you again- poetry cafe money.
Dressing up in the cafe!
Fun at the Blue school - I was so proud of the way they listened and competed.

Science day - looking at materials.

Creating a long, strong rope for Rapunzel, a new bucket for Jack and Jill, a new chair for baby bear etc - what fun we had!

Thank you for coming to the reading and phonics meeting. I hope you found it useful.
We are off to the theatre on Friday 8th June - please look out for the note. We are subsidising this with the poetry cafe money. We have also bought a farm, whiteboard pens, weaving numbers, weaving looms, glue, lots of colour photocopying, new books and felt pens. There are lots of other things on our list.

Thank you all for supporting the poetry cafe - we were so proud of them .

It raised a staggering £400 plus Jack Thorne's mum's work is hoping to match fund £300 so it will be a truly amazing £700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter holiday!

Don't forget to learn to recite a poem by heart for our poetry cafe on the first Friday back - 13th April at 2pm.

This is Bryony's big fundraiser for the year so please support us.

The chicks have arrived!
World Book Day fun! The £1 voucher doesn't last long, remember to spend it.

Baptising Ted was wonderful. Thank you to the parents who braved the cold and walked with us.

Yasmin was a great vicar!

The coffee morning was a triumph! Thank you to everyone who came. 
Thank you to Theo's dad for being our Scotland expert. Welcome to Rowan and his family who have joined our school.
Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all your kind words and presents at Christmas. We adopted a reindeer for them as their present. Hope you had a great time!

Focus week has been amazing.

We have made superhero cereal bars, dens, hats for a blind boy, containers to hold a hyacinth bulb for Xmas, packaging, newspaper towers, lego animals ... so many things. I hope you liked the cardboard houses - I turned my back for 5 minutes and they had got hold of bigger boxes than they should have done! Sorry. We have evaluated hats and coats, worked with a chef, dressed as superheroes... what a week!

Bryony cake stall made over £92. Thank you so much for any cakes that came in and especially to the grown ups who braved the cold to run the stall.. We will spend the money on Christmas!! 
Creating a villagee
Children in Need Day - Friday 17th - you looked so spotty!

We are Bryony!

We are Bryony! 1

Sharing our ideas, retelling a story.

Thank you for your gifts for Harvest. The weather was glorious in the end.

In Sleeping Beauty's castle

In Sleeping Beauty's castle 1
Please change names in uniform if you have inherited a jumper etc then I know who it belongs to now and it will get back to you. I have several in the classroom with none of their names on them but someone else who has left the school.

Goldilocks and the three bears

Welcome to Bryony!

So far so good-everyone seems very settled already!

Please come and see me if you don't understand anything.


Picture 1 Tasting porridge as part of our work on Taste
Picture 2 Tasting porridge as part of our work on Taste

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