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St Vigor and St John Church School and The Mill Nursery

being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

School Clubs

2023-24 Term 1 and 2

Clubs offered 2022-23:

                KS1 Musical Theatre                           Cooking Reception- Year 6

                Cricket with Bath Cricket                     KS1 Dance

                KS2 Cross-Country                             KS2 Tag Rugby

                KS2 Dance                                          KS2 Drama

                KS2 Autumnwatch                               Construction Club Reception-Year 6

                Football- Think Football Coaching       KS2 Athletics

                KS2 Art                                                Girls Football

                KS2 Choir                                            Bath Rugby Girls Rugby

                Sporting World Multiskills KS1            Sporting World Invasion Games KS2

                KS2 Netball                                         KS2 Football


                We have also run team training clubs for netball, football, swimming, rugby and gymnastics.