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St Vigor and St John Church School and The Mill Nursery

being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school! If you have a query, please contact the office in the first instance and speak to Mrs Blewitt

Staffing Structure & Responsibilities



Chris Chorley


Deputy Headteacher


        Leah Sheppard

Teaching Staff


Suzanne Cox/Jess Angel - Arum Class (R)

Tina Woods -Bryony Class (1)

Miranda Wells/Karen Rogers -Campion Class (2)
Megan Harris/Miranda Wells -Dogwood Class (3)

Leah Sheppard/Vanessa Dutton -Elder Class (4)

Chloe White - Foxglove Class (5)

Molly Craney -Gentian Class (6)


Samantha Higgs (maternity leave)




          Jo Fear


Learning Support Assistants

Suzanne Phillips

Vicky Norman
Rachel Young

Jane Millard   

Karen Bridges

Jan Doyle       

Lynn Kettles

Sarah Gregory

Becky Gould

Kate Kendall    

Louise Sumbler 


Office Manager


Claire Blewitt


Office Dog



Administrative Assistants


Helen Cowles

Jessica Robbins

Jane Winsley

Site Management


Chris Chorley/Paul Connell



Mrs J Leach


Lunchtime Supervisors

Rachel Young

Penny Ford

Zoe Reynolds

Samantha Ashman

Kelly Speller

The Governing Body



The Full Governing Body meets 5 times per year and responsibilities for specific tasks are delegated to sub-committees as follows:


  • Business and Finance Committee - David Aldridge, Tim Curtis, Chris Chorley, Sam Winsley
  • Teaching and Learning Committee - Viv Moon, Tom Mayes, Mel Nixon, Chris Chorley
  • Ethos, Wellbeing & Behaviour Committee - Rev Esther, Mel Nixon, Leah Sheppard


Chair Of Governors

Tim Curtis - if you need to contact the Chair Of Governors, please do so via the school office



Kate Skivington