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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school! If you have a query, please contact the office in the first instance and speak to Mrs Parfitt.





Mr David Allinson

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Cathy Bushill

SENCo / Inclusion Manager


Miss Diana Lynch-Bodger

Teaching Staff


Mrs Caroline Savage

Mrs Suzanne Cox
Mrs Heather Mitchell
Mrs Cathy Bushill
Mrs Polly Vidler

Mrs Helen Tyler
Mr Nick Clifford
Miss Molly Craney
Ms Caroline Smailes
Miss Hannah Klinkert

Office Manager


Mrs Suzannah Parfitt

Administrative Assistant


Mrs Helen Cowles



Mr Mike Emery



Mrs J Leach


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Amy Nicholls

Miss Tina Woods     

Mrs Maddie Potts
Mrs Rachel Young

Mrs Suzanne Phillips

Mrs Claire Gardiner    

Mrs Jane Millard

Mrs Sharon Dibble

Mrs Jan Doyle       

Ms Lynn Kettles

Mrs S Gregory

Mrs Becky Gould


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs R Young
Mrs P Ford

Mrs A Nicholls

The Governing Body


The Full Governing Body meets 4 times per year and responsibilities for specific tasks are delegated to sub-committees as follows:


  • Business and Finance Committee
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Wellbeing, Behaviour and Community Committee
  • Nursery Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Admissions Committee


The below table shows all Governors of our school over the last 12 months along with their appointing body, term of office, areas of responsibility, relevant business interests, attendance of meetings and other applicable information:

Name Category (See key below) Current Term of Office Portfolio Responsibilities Relevant Business Interests Attendance 2017/18 (Shown as total attended out of total number of applicable meetings) Governance Roles in other educational institutions Relationships with other Governors or School Staff
Tim Curtis DBE 09.12.2016 to 08.12.2020

- Chair of Governors

- Member of Business, Pay and Admissions Committees 





None None
Rev. Chris North EXO 19.05.2005 10.11.2017 - Member of the Business & Pay Committees None




None Rev. North also serves as a Governor for the Trinity Church School, Radstock
David Aldridge DBE 12.03.2014 to 11.03.2018 - Member of the Wellbeing and Behaviour Committee Owner of Health and Safety Company




None None
David Allinson HT 18.01.2011 to present (no expiry)

- Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee

-Member of the Business, Nursery and Admissions Committees

None 8/8 None None
Brian Broome DBE 29.01.2016 to 28.01.2020 - Member of the Wellbeing and Behaviour Committee None 4/4 None None
Cathy Bushill ES 14.09.2015 to 13.09.2019

- Chair of the Wellbeing and Behaviour Committee

- Member of the Business & Admissions Committees

None 7/7 None None
Lynn Kettles CS




-Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee None 4/4 None None
Christian Longley DBE 30.11.2017 to 29/11/2021 -Member of the Wellbeing & Behaviour Committee None 2/2 None None
Bethan Love EP 18.05.2013 to 29.01.2018

-Vice-chair of Governors

- Member of the Business and Nursery Committees



None None
Thomas Mayes DBE 27.01.2016 to 26.01.2020 - Member of the Teaching & Learning and Pay Committees None 6/6 None None
Vivienne Moon DBE 30.11.2017 to 29.11.2021

- Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee



None Mrs Moon is the immediate relative of a member of staff.
Andre Norman EP 01.09.2015 to 31.08.2019 - Member of the Teaching & Learning  and Business Committees None 3/5 None None





to 21.03.2021

- Member of the Wellbeing & Behaviour Committee None 4/4 None None
Hugh Webb DBE 01.01.2016 to 31.08.2017 - Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee None N/A None None


Mrs Suzannah Parfitt – Clerk to the Governors (10.10.2012 - Present)


Governor Appointing Bodies Key:

Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)

Elected Parent (EP)

Elected Staff (ES)

Co-opted Staff (CS)

Ex Officio (EXO)

Local Education Authority (LEA)

Headteacher (HT)


  • St Vigor and St John Church School
  • Wells Road
  • Chilcompton
  • Radstock, BA3 4EX
  • Tel: 01761 233847
  • Email: school@svsj.bwmat.org