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Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED) supports children to have a positive sense of themselves, respect for others, social skills, emotional well-being and a positive disposition to learning. These are all crucial for school readiness.

PSED is about children:

  • developing confidence and independence
  • making friends and getting on with others
  • learning about right and wrong
  • self-regulating their emotions
  • understanding about their own and others’ feelings
  • feeling good about themselves
  • being interested, excited and motivated about their play and learning
  • gaining self-respect for themselves
  • developing respect for their own culture and beliefs and those of others

Partnership for Children - a website and free resource cards packed with useful ideas for supporting your child's Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Emotional Development - Temper Tantrums!

We all know that when a child turns 2-years old, things can change and you have a little person who knows their own mind! We have added a couple of resources to support parents when this happens and how to help your young child to feel emotionally regulated (most of the time!)

Temper Tantrums

Three Ways to Stop a Toddler Tantrum

Is there anything that tests your humility and patience more than your toddler having a meltdown in front of you? They're inevitable, but they're not unstopp...