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Term 1

Homework - Sorella shared her ‘Broken Bone Locator’ with us today. What a fantastic design, Sorella! I think the NHS would love to patent this invention. 🦴 🦴 🦴

Maths - Today in maths we were comparing numbers. We worked in pairs and had to compare 2 two-digit numbers making the ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ symbol with lolly sticks.

Show and Tell - Rafferty brought a birds nest in to share with us today. We tried to guess which bird might have lived in the nest. Robin? Blue tit? Pheasant? Rafferty informed us that none of our guesses were correct and it was actually a wren’s nest 🪺 . Thank you for sharing this with us, Rafferty.

Pitru Paksha - Today Campion enjoyed milk 🥛 and biscuits 🍪 during Golden Time thanks to Arjun and Nayan, who were celebrating Pitru Paksha. Arjun and Nayan explained that this 16 lunar day period in the Hindu calendar is a time to remember their ancestors. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us, Arjun and Nayan.

Science - Today we have been learning all about animals and their offspring. First we recapped our knowledge of different animals. Ms Rogers was super impressed with how much knowledge we had retained and that we were able to sort them into mammals 🐄, birds 🦅 , fish 🐠, reptiles 🐍 and amphibians 🐸. We then looked at the life cycle of a frog. Great work, Campion.