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St Vigor and St John Church School and The Mill Nursery

being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique


Our curriculum intent for Design and Technology reflects the purpose and aims of the National Curriculum by helping our pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of our world by developing a skillset associated with the process of enquiry. The curriculum is sequenced in long and medium-term plans to help pupils accumulate knowledge of nutrition and cooking and experience using textiles, structures, mechanisms and electrical systems.


The curriculum content is adapted to the context of our school and enhances pupils’ moral, social, ethical and cultural development by leading pupils to discover their ethical responsibility in a time when our world is facing significant challenges. We encourage our pupils to question and discuss ways design technology can be used effectively in order to help us live sustainable full lives. The curriculum design helps pupils to promoting independence and encouraged children to use a variety of different research sources in order to create their own unique designs. The systematic introduction of new vocabulary allows children to better communicate their ideas and discuss their own projects.

DT at St Vigor and St John