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Bryony - Year 1

We need help to set up and run the coffee morning- serve teas, clear away afterwards.

Please let us know if you can help or we will have to cancel.

Similarly looking ahead to 14th Feb we need help to organise and sell the raffle to raise money at the poetry cafe or we wont be able to go to the theatre.

We loved superhero day to launch our new book Traction Man meets Turbo Dog

NB - Wednesday 29th January - the old toys coffee morning - change of time - now 11 o'clock.

We need parents to make coffee etc.

Hey Tiger

We have spent the toy sale money on creating a santa's grotto - it really is a great success.

I will attempt a weekly reminder here.

 Thur den building - was a triumph- didn't we get lucky with the weather. Please visit the dens on the way home tonight or in the morning.

When they are dismantled please take all the materials home again.

Friday - Christmas Fair 5-7 wear mufti in exchange for presents ( not wrapped) for Bryony tombola.

£1 a go, win every time so good prizes - toys, chocolates, ornaments, books - anything new. So far we have five prizes

I cannot apologise enough- I assumed you had the Bryony newsletter and you didn't. You should have it now. I will always put it here as well, just in case. It is a very busy time. I am aware we are asking and asking at the moment. Thank you for all your support. It makes a huge difference to their Bryony experience!

The Toy Sale raised over £50 so thank you all very much. They have lots of ideas re how to spend the money!

Happy half term holiday! It has been a very good half term. Thank you for coming to parents evening. 

No homework - have a rest!

Auction of Promises - Bryony hamper - Christmas theme - please send in one item to make up our hamper

Esme planting the sweet pea seeds which we saved from the garden.
Harvest was great - we even had sunshine on the walk back. Thank you for your gifts and for walking with us.
Our indian visitor taught us lots of new things:
Picture 1

Homework - I seem to have set rather a lot this week! Sorry - clearly too enthusiastic!

In order of priority - reading, spellings- but only put a few in sentences as there are far too many, maths, I as a capital, note. If you've already done it all , well done! I'll try to be more precise next week, i.e. give them less! I doubt anyone can recognise all of the coins - give them their own set and look at them through the year.

Reading our writing - telling the Emperor what we think of him!
We each designed an owl.

Homework and spellings come home on Fridays - 2 separate books.

Please help them to complete both and return by Wednesday - I take a long time to set the homework - it really does support the learning we are doing that week in school. Often it is something to refer to all year until they can do it! Particularly with maths. But I do understand how busy everyone is. The reading remains the most important thing. I really appreciate the support you give them. 

Porridge tasting!

Welcome to Bryony class.

They all seem very settled already. We are just hoping for the lovely weather to return. 

In our first week together we have been comparing height, making our names from natural materials, telling the story of Goldilocks.

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