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Bryony - Year 1

Hi Bryony - happy half term!!!

Have a restful holiday - work will be back up on TEAMS for home learning on 1st June.

I will also try to put a weekly bedtime story for you too xxx

I miss you all terribly and love seeing your work and your videos and photos - thank you so much - you are an amazing class!  

Happy and Easter have just spent their first morning outside. They will hopefully move into their new home outside permanently at the end of next week. You will spot 2 friends with them today. Another chicken (called Tikka) and Barney (AKA my little prince)!

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Bryony stars!!
Hi Bryony - I hope you are liking the daily stories!

ebooks on Oxford Owl - browse their library - choose level 3/4 - blue/green to begin with - there is also a questionnaire type of thing to help you choose the right level. 

Don't worry too much - sometimes a very easy book is a joy after a more challenging one - aim for about 3 words a page which are hard for you. Just read every day! Lots to choose from - you can't really go wrong

Phonics this week -i_e, o ,o_e, ue, ew,   Monday target game, Tuesday find 3 for each, Wednesday dictation - 'I go home with my new blue bike.'  Thursday create your own sentences - remember to link it  to the daily Letters and Sounds on youtube at 10.30 

Spellings - learn all of the number words - take a different few each day - they are hard -

one two three    four five    six seven eight nine ten

eleven twelve ....to twenty. This could be a project in itself!!

Learn your number bonds 

begin =5 - if I say 4 you say 1, don't forget 0 -    0+5    5+0

Then do =6 =7 =8 =9 =10

Apply what you know about 10 - e.g. 7 +3 =10  -so =20     17+3  or 7 +13   simply because you have added a ten.

A Tiger Who Came To Tea (Part 1)

Still image for this video

A Tiger Who Came To Tea (Part 2)

Still image for this video
It was so lovely to phone you all- sure I didn't miss anyone, but if so just contact school, let me know somehow! You mainly miss each other so the more you can contact friends the better. Try to include everyone.

Hope you dress up as superheroes this week as you do your learning!!

A great excuse to watch a film too - I know Max has already watched The Incredibles.

Hopefully I can now read you a story each day - we have the technology - lets hope it works!
What I keep meaning to say is don't forget Friday afternoon is Golden Time! I'm sure they haven't forgotten to mention it!
Daily phonics - look at Letters and Sounds - Youtube - Year 1

Alongside the video practise the phonemes - ay    a_e    ea    e_e   ie

using the same format as last week - Tues target game, Wed find 3 words for each sound, Thur dictation to check - practise the ones you don't get - 

'I pay to get Pete a cake and a pie to eat'          Friday -  make up your own sentences

Friday - phonics - practise any you got wrong in the dictation.

Got them all correct? Create your own sentence using each of them.


Handwriting - think of 5 words with a naughty 't' in the word - it reaches between the third and fourth line.

Hope to meet you at the quiz tonight!!!

Reading at home - check out Oxford Owl - helps you choose the correct Kipper Chip Oxford Reading Tree text - looks good.

Also from Monday 'letters and sounds' website - phonics lessons in the morning - I will look at this too.

Evercreech school - bedtime stories - good comprehension too

Thursday - take the phonics phonemes - ay ou ie ea oy

Say a dictation to check they do know these 5 sounds - 

On Sunday the boy went out to eat a pie. 

Don't tell them it's to check the phonics. You'll soon see how embedded the learning is.


Please look on Purple Mash 


Handwriting - write 'of' -  a line   and 'off'   a line  - practising these 2 words - explain the difference and carrying on with 'f'.

Happy and Easter had a wonderful Easter and have grown LOTS Bryony!

Happy and Easter had a wonderful Easter and have grown LOTS Bryony! 1
Happy and Easter had a wonderful Easter and have grown LOTS Bryony! 2

How to form 'f' !!!

It's the only letter to touch all 4 lines -

Hello Bryony - we are 'back'! 

I hope that Easter bunny came!

Look who is in charge in our classroom!

And what is Travelling Ted up to at Mrs Mitchell's house?

Week beg 20th April :

Please look on Teams for more detail.

I'm hoping to phone you all! Probably on Friday - but I may start before then!

Please don't stay home waiting for it, if you're off for your daily walk I'll catch up with you again! It's just a chat - see how you are, any concerns, any guidance I can give re learning . xxx I miss you all terribly.

Monday - handwriting - sh - she - Can she wish for a fish?

Phonics for the week - revise ay ou ie ea oy - Monday with a target game!

Add 'un' to words to change them - happy/unhappy etc

Look at White Rose Home Learning for Yr 1 - multiplication and division - grouping, sharing, half.

Spellings for the week - me be she he we - look at them , write them without looking, put them in sentences.

Also representing number learning and English garden learning - you have been sent sheets.

This week is our IT focus and Miss Woods has linked this with Purple Mash for you.

Happy Easter Bryony! How I miss you!
The 2 chicks have been named 'Happy' and 'Easter' - make sure you write to thank Mrs Higgs for looking after them.
I made an Easter tree for you - can you spot the 3 blown eggs - I hope you made one too. My children made these over 20 years ago! Can you see Buzz Lightyear??
Travelling Ted is happy - look what he's found! I hope the Easter Bunny comes to you too.xxx
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Picture 2

Travelling Ted is at Mrs Mitchell's house - making new friends - here he is in a circle of friendship to celebrate National Autism Day.

And here he is in her bed - cheeky bear!!! Wait to see what else he gets up to!!!

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Happy Easter holiday everyone!! Hope you are all keeping safe.

You have all been amazing with your learning so you all win the race!

Friday - think I called yesterday Wednesday - sorry! State I'm in!! How I miss you all!

So the end of the week and we have survived week 2. Remember it's about getting through it as a family not about how many assignments you can complete.

Having said that I love seeing your work your photos and especially your films xxx

handwriting - 'k' - make it reach the top line - parents - it's like a capital 'R' in shape, sort of! They will demonstrate - you have the sheet to guide you. 

Put this sheet on display to refer to all the time.

Harrison has tonsilitis - send him a message somehow!!!

phonics - message from Miss Woods -

lots of you have been completing your Alerts, and by trying these activities again you have raised your score - very impressive! Next time you're on Purple Mash have a look in the green 'sharing' icon  and then go to 'Shared Blogs'  xxx

Maths - start to learn to chant the 10 times table, write it down first. Your grown up can then ask you questions like what are 5 lots of 10?

If there are ten sweets in each bag, how many sweets altogether in 9 bags?  etc


Then learn the 2 times table and the 5!!

Wednesday - still on the theme of chicks - hope you have seen the videos.

English - write a letter to Mrs Higgs - thanking her for taking on the chicks. Ask her your question direct!

Post it to her at school.

- practise the sentence - 'Hear the chicks cheeping!'

Apparently they never stop!

This sentence will show your grown up how the letters sit on the lines in your purple book.

Don't go wrong with the t .

If you and a grown up count in 10s back and forward between you - who do you predict will say 80 etc ?

Try with 2s and 5s

If Tom is 3 years older than George what could their ages be?

Maths - If you start on 8 and count to 15 how many numbers will you say?

Looking forward to reading some of your questions Bryony!

Looking forward to reading some of your questions Bryony! 1

Happy New Home!.MP4

Still image for this video

Wednesday learning - clearly all about the chicks- write Mrs Higgs a question, practise 'ch' in handwriting - a line of ch and then a sentence with 3 ch words - e.g. The chatty chicks cheep!

Miss Woods says 'if you have done the set activities you can then go to the '2Dos' tab (red tick and clipboard icon) to redo them.


Very, very exciting news!!  The chicks are hatching! Watch this space...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday - extreme reading - it's Joe in my cupboard and James is in the basket!

Travelling Ted came home with Mrs Mitchell and will shortly be showing you what he has found!

Phonics - this week I want you to be absolutely secure in phase 3 - once you have checked this out in Purple Mash and Phonics play try Teach your monster to read- we had just discovered this one and I was rubbish at it as they will tell you!

Count in 2s - each pair of socks is a 2 - who in your family has the most pairs?

Sort through them and count as a pair - so if your sister has 10 pairs of socks that should be 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 socks!!

Now for the next part of our story - Max has arrived at the island - can you think of any other words ending in the -ed ending that the monsters might do? It says they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth - what else might they do? Remember its a -ed not t or d  

handwriting - practise 'g' - parent to dictate - write 'I go to get some grapes' - check afterwards if you have spelt go to and some correctly - if not practise these - did you remember the first word is a capital letter?

Did you put a full stop?


White Rose home learning is well worth a look for maths - this is the scheme I use with them,

as is Oliver Jeffers 6pm Instagram - one of our favourite authors in Bryony 

So hope you had a good weekend and are ready for week 2!

You will be sent whole school learning for maths - counting, English - hedgehog learning and Science.

This is to help families in particular so siblings can support each other and all be working on the same themes.

I will give you pointers with this.

Please do try to do these activities too. 

Phonics- Purple Mash each day.

Handwriting - dictate to them ' Did you do a dance?' Check they spell you correctly and that the 'd' is facing the right way - remember Friday's dinosaurs.

In maths make up your own clues for 0-20 - write the numbers out - get an adult/sibling to cross them out as you did on Friday. But this time you have made up the clues.

A very useful website - discovery education (espresso)

username : student3651

Password stvigor

Friday - we made it!!!  Every teacher's favourite day!! You are now the teachers - enjoy an afternoon free - it's golden time - they will tell you.

 Well done everyone - I have been so impressed with the home learning you have sent me. I think I may be out of a job!! Remember you have done the hardest part - expectations and routine. At school they don't have this much adult focus - so give them time alone too! Please don't feel that you are alone and don't get overwhelmed. Just talk to me via Microsoft Teams. 


So today- handwriting - look at the 'd' you did yesterday - give each one a head so it looks like a long necked dinosaur - this will help you remember it faces this way - 'd' for dinosaur -

to stop us muddling it with 'b'.

Remember your list of things for Max to take ? Now make each object and put it in the boat!

Miss Woods recommends Phonics play too - username: march20  password:home.

We'll try to recommend other websites as appropriate.

Maths - write out your numbers 0-20.  Ask an adult to give you clues e.g. half of 10 - so you circle/highlight/cross out 5, one more than..., the number between 7 and 9  etc. 

I love seeing your work xxx

So Friday is golden time!!!  Draw, make a model,  create a pretend role play vets in the garden, call your friends for a chat!! It would be great to set up a regular video call - all at the same time - you know what I mean! Please include everyone.  We miss you all very much.  Have a more relaxed afternoon.

Have a relaxing weekend. Next week will be easier.

Can you see who was extreme reading at school???

Day 4! Already! It's nearly Friday folks!

Handwriting - 'd' so follow the same shape as 'c' and 'a' but reach the top purple line.

A line of them and then the sentence - Do Dougie and Darcey miss doing golden time?

Reading - look through your books and find your absolute favourite - spend time looking all the way through at the pictures first. Then read it to yourself - even if you can't read every word - just enjoy it. Then take a photo of you 'extreme reading' - the most unusual place you can think of ! 

Writing -  pretend to be Max and send a letter home telling mum that he has met a sea monster!

Maths - think of a favourite number between 0 and 20. Think of 10 different sums which include that number. 

D.T. make a junk model boat for Max.


Day 3!

Well done everyone who has logged in to Microsoft teams. 

So today - handwriting - 'a' - start it like a 'c' and you can't go wrong. Your sentence is ' I have a cat who can sing.'

Phonics- Purple Mash - Miss Woods has put more if you have completed the first set assignments.

Discovery Education is a great website for seeing how to pronounce the phonics if you aren't sure.

Lots of websites are free at the moment.

Do you think the sea monster is a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore? Explain what these mean to your adult. I am trying to put this as a quiz on Microsoft teams.

Maths - one more/less  - if your adult says a number you say one more/less - try ten more/ two more/ 5 more/less.

Reading challenge - read a different book each day - move them across your room - see the pile grow. 

At the end of the week write a review of your favourite so far  - what it's about, why you like it.

Today write a letter and post it to cheer up an elderly person if you can. (Krish's idea).

Do this every week.


I miss you all very much - school is very strange without you.


Day 2!

Well done for surviving Monday - always the worst day.

Microsoft teams is also up and running for Bryony. Please use your log in so I know you can access it.

Details on inside front cover of the large exercise book.

So - Tuesday -

Joe Wicks workout again.

Handwriting - little purple book - concentrate on 'c' - a line of them and then the sentence - Can you catch the crocodile?

Phonics- purple mash - see what Miss Woods has set you. Then explore phase 2 - check you know it all!

Writing - draw the picture of Max in the boat and give him a think bubble. If you can, send me your ideas on Microsoft Teams.

Maths - play your snakes and ladders game.

Practise counting to 100. If this is hard get as far as you can and record where you stop. Look at it together and try to get higher each day. If you can go to 100 try from 100 to 0. Still too easy - do it in 10s, 2s, 5s. Good Luck!  Again tell me on Teams how you get on.

In the afternoon imagine you are Max, walk around your house and collect together everything you would take on your journey. You are allowed 10 things. Draw them and label them.

Then put them in order explaining your choices - most important to least important. Discuss with your grown up - the order may change. Argue your case!

Have fun!

Hello Bryony and Bryony parents/carers!

By Wednesday there should be more in place to support home learning. For now here are a few pointers -

First of all don't worry - they are all in a good place with their learning.

Be firm from the start - set aside an area of the house, have a routine, 20 min work, 10 min break etc. throughout morning. The afternoon should be more relaxed - explore some  games you had for xmas, get out in the garden. Make the most of the sunshine.

If you need a timetable - 9 am Joe Wicks P.E. workout - YouTube

Handwriting - refer to sheet ( one of several sheets that came home earlier in the week), not inside front cover as this isn't cursive - 3 lines of z  then   zoo  I zoom to the zoo.

Phonics - go on Purple Mash  - see what Miss Woods has set for you. Look for the bell symbol (alerts)

Writing - 


Max meets a creature as he crosses to the island.

Write 3 sentences telling me what is happening in the picture.

Mark your child's work by checking they have spaces between words and are putting capital letters and full stops.  Do they give Max a capital letter? Don't be too hard on spelling - encourage them to have a go. 

Maths - can they make a snakes and ladders board with your help if needed - the ultimate 100 square.

This will be useful as a resource later in the week.

Reading- let them read to you as usual.

The best thing about being a teacher is reading stories to them - have this in your day too.


Remember they need to chill  - they don't normally get one teacher just with them all day long.

These are difficult times - you need time too. Look after yourself.

Maybe lunchtime they watch a DVD while you get lunch. Or they can help you get lunch?

Please talk to each other as parents, keep children linked to their friends, include everyone.


Have fun! Love from Bryony teachers    xxxxx 

Our chicks travelled to Mrs Higgs' house and are still in their incubator! 9 days until they hatch.....hopefully!

Our chicks travelled to Mrs Higgs' house and are still in their incubator! 9 days until they hatch.....hopefully! 1

Please check you can access Purple Mash - log in details came home Friday on a blue card.

Happy Mother's Day for Sunday - we hope they spoil you !


We will be sending home lots of sheets to practise phonics, key words, handwriting etc - a pack to keep you busy either over Easter or earlier if necessary ! We are just preparing as much as possible. 
Log in details coming home Friday for Purple Mash - please keep them safe.
The eggs have gone in the incubator - due to hatch 1st April!
World Book Day fun!
We had a surprise silent disco for Mrs Bushill and thought we ought to try it out!

Poetry cafe Friday 14th Feb at 2pm

We need someone to take charge of serving tea and coffee. We need donations of cake.

Thank you - the raffle looks amazing!

Thank you all so much for supporting the coffee morning.

It was a triumph - children asking toy experts great questions. Brilliant History!

We loved superhero day to launch our new book Traction Man meets Turbo Dog

NB - Wednesday 29th January - the old toys coffee morning - change of time - now 11 o'clock.

We need parents to make coffee etc.

Hey Tiger

We have spent the toy sale money on creating a santa's grotto - it really is a great success.

I will attempt a weekly reminder here.

 Thur den building - was a triumph- didn't we get lucky with the weather. Please visit the dens on the way home tonight or in the morning.

When they are dismantled please take all the materials home again.

Friday - Christmas Fair 5-7 wear mufti in exchange for presents ( not wrapped) for Bryony tombola.

£1 a go, win every time so good prizes - toys, chocolates, ornaments, books - anything new. So far we have five prizes

I cannot apologise enough- I assumed you had the Bryony newsletter and you didn't. You should have it now. I will always put it here as well, just in case. It is a very busy time. I am aware we are asking and asking at the moment. Thank you for all your support. It makes a huge difference to their Bryony experience!

The Toy Sale raised over £50 so thank you all very much. They have lots of ideas re how to spend the money!

Happy half term holiday! It has been a very good half term. Thank you for coming to parents evening. 

No homework - have a rest!

Auction of Promises - Bryony hamper - Christmas theme - please send in one item to make up our hamper

Esme planting the sweet pea seeds which we saved from the garden.
Harvest was great - we even had sunshine on the walk back. Thank you for your gifts and for walking with us.
Our indian visitor taught us lots of new things:
Picture 1

Homework - I seem to have set rather a lot this week! Sorry - clearly too enthusiastic!

In order of priority - reading, spellings- but only put a few in sentences as there are far too many, maths, I as a capital, note. If you've already done it all , well done! I'll try to be more precise next week, i.e. give them less! I doubt anyone can recognise all of the coins - give them their own set and look at them through the year.

Reading our writing - telling the Emperor what we think of him!
We each designed an owl.

Homework and spellings come home on Fridays - 2 separate books.

Please help them to complete both and return by Wednesday - I take a long time to set the homework - it really does support the learning we are doing that week in school. Often it is something to refer to all year until they can do it! Particularly with maths. But I do understand how busy everyone is. The reading remains the most important thing. I really appreciate the support you give them. 

Porridge tasting!

Welcome to Bryony class.

They all seem very settled already. We are just hoping for the lovely weather to return. 

In our first week together we have been comparing height, making our names from natural materials, telling the story of Goldilocks.

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