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Bryony - Year 1

Monday is photo day so please wear uniform not P.E. kit
Welcome to Harley's family.
Back with my friends
Back with my friends 

Sorry - a mistake already -P.E. is on Friday not Thursday.

So this Friday wear your P.E. kit to school and then wear it into school again on Monday.

Normal uniform Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.


Reading days - by the end of next week I will have all of the groups sorted and will be able to tell you definite reading days. I have already heard them all read and will send home a book as soon as their book bag comes in. So send it in and then keep it at home until next Monday.

Then send the bag every day.

The book may be one they have had already or an easy read to get us back into the habit of reading and promote confidence and fluency.

Please bear with me - I will quickly move them to a higher level if needed. I am aware that some people have worked very hard to develop their reading. Groups will change through the year too.

Hello my lovely new class!

We had a truly brilliant first day xxx

I think we will be very tired by Friday.