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Bryony - Year 1

History - phone /email/something modern.....   contact an old person and interview them- ask them questions about their old toys and how they used to play as a child - 

Key questions - did they play inside or outside?

What were their favourite toys?

Where are the toys now?

What were the toys made from ? - materials - we will be developing this question this week.

Obviously you can ask lots of other questions.

Tell them about Big Ted- can they suggest how old he might be??

Monday maths


Use symbols = < and > in your number sentences – write me 3 sentences for each symbol   This is revision


Draw 3 baskets – share 15 eggs between the baskets so they have greatest to least across the baskets –  So you could have greatest= 9 middle =5 least =1

How many combinations can you come up with?

You still haven't guessed my favourite superhero!

Monday writing

Take my sentence – Traction Man saved Scrubbing Brush. and make it as detailed as you can – e.g. Brave Traction Man holding the Germo struggled through the contents of the disgusting bin to rescue his best friend Scrubbing Brush.

Sorry we lost contact today Bryony - no idea why yet again the microphone failed this end.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Friday maths

Have 2 piles of books – 3 books   and 7 books to begin with. How many could go in the middle of this??  Answer  4,5 or 6.

Try with higher numbers so you are practising those teen numbers – create a chart without using books- you just know the numbers between 12 and 16 are 13 14 15


Same/different – think of 2 teen numbers – make a list of things that are different/same –e.g. 14 and 17 – both have a ten , both are between 13 and 18,

Different – one is odd, one is even, they aren’t both more than 15 ….

Try with different pairs of numbers – do you get more same or different answers?

Friday writing

So Traction Man hears Scrubbing Brush in the bin ....

Describe what is in your bin!!! Nobody has ever returned from the bin before!!

Describe colour, smell, feel – all your senses - how you are feeling as you take on the role of Traction Man and dive into the bin searching for SB.

Thank you for a really great superhero day all of you!!!

Superhero day – choose from a list of activities

  1. Dress as a superhero
  2. write clues and put them on teams so  I can guess who you are
  3. If you could be a new superhero what power would you like? What 3 things would you do with that power?
  4. If I was Batman I would be worth in alphabetical calculation – b=2 a=1 t= 20

M=13 a=1 n=14    total 51    What are you worth? Find the lowest and highest superhero scores.

  1. Explore the suffix –ed by writing out some actions that use this without doubling or dropping letters – e.g.  jumped  punched  zoomed cartwheeled

So discuss as you discover which ones you can use like this.

Choose 5 and draw your character doing these actions and label them –

Obviously physically do them first!!!! Even take a photo of you in costume jumping , print it out and write jumped beside it.

Children often write just the d or a t instead of ed

  1. Create a story for your superhero.  Find out what your friends are wearing – include them in your story.
Have superhero fun!!!


Letter writing for History research

In order to find out more information about Big Ted write a letter to Mrs Mitchell's mum. 

Explain who you are, what you want to know etc. Ask lots of details like where it came from, any memories she has - my brother lives next door and is part of her support bubble so you can include questions for him too! 

Put your letter on TEAMS and I will phone her and reply direct to you with the answers!!!


Wednesday maths

Create number sentences using the terms – ‘less than’ ‘greater than’ ‘equal to’

Adult has a number, child has a number – write out the 3 phrases – which one goes between the two numbers??

Let them do their own.   5 is less than 7        18 is greater than  15    6 is equal to 3+3

Try not to use extreme numbers like a million is greater than 2.

Adults write numbers like 39 or 51 -  either side of a ten – harder to compare.


Wednesday - dress up and labelling

Look at the picture of Traction Man dressed ready for action –

Can you dress like this?? At school we are going to make paper suits for each other.

Also get a bottle and relabel it with your own made up name, list of instructions, ingredients etc – read what is there already as guidance – sanitiser bottles have never been more exciting!!

PURPLE MASH- use your log-in which is inside the book that came home where your TEAMS log-in is.

By the bell symbol - activities have been set for you by Miss Woods.

This is a totally safe site for you to go on, lots of other activities for you to check out.

Only if you want to - parents I am aware of overload with assignments, videocalls from me, Miss Woods, oxford owl for reading, cosmic kids for yoga, white rose home learning for maths.....

It is all advise to support, not to stress!!!!

Please also feel free to email me

Tuesday's maths

I am thinking of a number - one more is 11, what is my number?

My second number- 1 less than my number is 15, what is my number?

Adult think of numbers....then child think of numbers  - give clues like this.

Whizz kids - work with numbers that go over a ten - e.g. 1 less than my number is 39


An extra- I am going to count backwards in twos from 20. How many steps will it take to reach 0 ? Convince me.

Tuesday writing


Act out the next few pages of the story – start off on the sofa- wake up, open your new toy,  Go off exploring around your house with Turbodog and Traction Man.

When you get back write up an account of one place you visited in the style of the author – airing cupboard, sandpit … where will you go?? Do you encounter any fierce animals, ruins etc??  Write me 3 sentences describing a place you visited in search of Scrubbing Brush. Remember each sentence starts with a capital letter , has spaces and ends with a full stop.

The story of Big Ted - Tuesday's History

Make a storymap- a sequence of pictures and possibly writing  to tell the story.

I got a phone call from my mum to be there at 10 o'clock one Saturday morning to clear out the attic. 

Down came lots of christmas decorations, old books, toys that I had not seen since I was a child. My two sisters and I were there. Down through the hatch came Big Ted and a panda. My mum recognised them as my brother Colin's toys. Colin arrived and said why would he want  old teddy bears that were falling apart?

He put Ted and the panda on the skip. As I got into my car I took Big Ted, put him in the back of the car and took him home.Sadly I left the panda. Later I brought Ted to school. My brother is now 54 so clearly Ted is at least 50.


Also research how long we have had teddy bears. Who was the person who first had one?

Monday's History -

If you were a toy designer what type of dog would you make?

What could it do? Would it need batteries/use solar energy?

Could it walk with tricks...tidy up???

Draw it , label its features.


Monday's writing

Look at the picture of the present on the sofa - draw a picture of what you think the new toy looks like - write 3 sentences like an advertiser - key things the toy can do- he's called Turbodog

Monday maths problem solving -

I am one year older than my sister. My sister is one year older than my brother. My brother is 13. So how old am I ?  How old is the sister??

Whizz kids make a chart to show different answers if the brother is a different age

Superhero Day will be on Thursday 21st January - dress as a superhero all day.

I will try and think of some relevant activities. I can't wait to see you !!!!!

RSPB BIrdwatch - sign up for this ready for in a few weeks time

Friday writing 

How will the boy feel when he wakes up?

Adult write 3 ideas, child write 3 – see if you have the same?? Discuss

Friday maths

Give your child ten pieces of pasta or lego which is all joined together- maybe sellotape to make a tower of ten

Also give them 9 loose pieces – can they show you each number – 11-19

So your sellotaped ten and 5 loose will be 15


Whizz kids - Record what each number is as a part/part/ whole - one part will always be a ten

NB- always put the ten first on the left hand side just as it is when you write the number
Sorry - Internet problems this afternoon - I could still hear you.

Thursday History

Answer some of the class questions before Mrs Mitchell does!!!!

Here are some of your questions - can you think of answers?? Use your imagination!!!

This is just a talking activity, no recording.

Have you ever lost him?

Has he been mended? Why?

How old is he?

When did he last sleep with Mrs Mitchell?

How did he get damaged?

How old was Mrs Mitchell when she got him?

Where did he lose his eye? How? Where is it?

What does he like to do?

Has he ever been on holiday with Mrs Mitchell?

When did she last play with him?

Why doesn't he have any clothes??


Thursday maths -

Find an ice cube tray/ egg box/ make a box with compartments – you need 2 of them so you can fill one for the ten and just put in some ones for the rest of the teen number – search for it/make it together – even if it’s a grid on paper so they can place pieces of pasta/lego on it


Give clues to your child … My number has a ten and 3 ones  =13

One part is a ten and the other is 5 ones  = 15

My number is a ten and no ones – ten


They make the number with your framework to clearly show the ten and the rest


Whizz kids – make up their own clues


Thursday 14th -


First think of 5 different words to describe how he is feeling - like sad but a better word than sad - discuss with your grown up

Then - What might make Scrubbing Brush feel better??

Write me a sentence or two and draw your idea.   

Look out for your invite to join Miss Woods for a group session to support your learning.

Please replace your handwriting slot with this on your timetable. Obviously your timetable will now vary in order. Please email us any problems , if you can't make that slot etc. We will do our very best to accommodate everyone. It may clash with your brother's/sister's learning with their teacher. There is a multitude of combinations here. Just let us know. Join in when you can. 

History - Wednesday draw a picture/ paint - Big Ted

tell me what you know about him already and what you want to find out. You can write this or just have your ideas ready for 2pm

13th January – I can recognise teen numbers in digits and words

Play a matching game – 20 cards – write 1 2 3 4 … 20 on individual cards,

On the other twenty write in words – one, two, three ….to twenty.

Whizz kids – make the cards yourself!!

Put them all face down – if you turn over 2 that match you keep them- you have to be very good at remembering where it was for when you need it!!

Unbelievably we are supposed to be able to read and write all of these by the end of Bryony – well I’m a good speller and 57 and I struggle so  we’ll start here!!

 Wednesday writing

Look at the mud pictures here

Focussing on Scrubbing Brush and how he is feeling –


Draw Scrubbing Brush and list how he is feeling – so a list of words, a few sentences

Maybe a 'because …'

History -

Find out your oldest toy - draw/paint it.   Then talk about it- where it came from, why you still have it, why you like it, is it your favourite???  We will share at 2pm

Tuesday maths - place value

 Group pasta/ pieces of lego…. in a ten pile/line and ones – to show the given number –

so adult says 14 you show that as a line of ten pieces of lego and a separate 4 pieces – repeat with other numbers – do random numbers first then go back and say them in order to emphasise that the ten is the constant and you are adding one more  each time

Whizz kids – adult include more/less – so adult say show me 2 more than 14 , 3 less than 17

 Also look at white rose home learning - Autumn week 11

Sorry photos printed in wrong order of course!

1. climbing

2. bowing

3 eating sandwiches

Tuesday - the next few pages in the story -which I will show you at 9am -  setting the scene, meeting a new character, completing the ‘mission’


Follow this framework to create your own story

Return to your role play in the garden to act it out first.

You can take 3 photos to annotate with speech and thought bubbles or draw the 3 scenes.

Be the characters – say their speech – get an adult to say what Scrubbing Brush says etc.

9-9.30- Hello, set out the day for you - what I've put on TEAMS, phonics

9.30-10 English - writing activity on TEAMS

10-10.30 break - exercise, go outside f you can, have a snack and a drink.

10.30-11 Maths - activity on TEAMS - also refer to white rose home learning

11-11.30 handwriting practice - choose a different letter each day - put the in a hat to choose at random - look at guidance videos on here to help you - but make it fun - with paint, plasticene, in sand - be inventive

11.30- 12 - reading - a mixture of you reading to them and them reading to you - at their level - 

from no words- they tell the story from memory to whatever is on the bookshelf - give it a go.

Try to include oxfordowl too - at least twice a week.

12-1 lunch

1-2 - quest - so like when we did London, old toys research - in other words the other TEAMS activity.

2-2.30 End of day catch-up, share learning and story.


Here is a timetable for you - I post this reluctantly as every household is different - please only use it if it helps them and you!!!
Letter formation here for you to reference - we may have a letter, handwriting slot.

Monday 11th January


Go outside with an action figure and a scrubbing brush - act out what adventures they might have.

Back inside draw their adventure like a comic book with captions, speech bubbles etc.

Have fun!!!

Maths - cut out pieces of card and on each one write a number - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .

Move the cards around - put two together...

Can you make each teen number?? 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ? Explain why.

Now write out big numbers on individual sheets - 11   12   13   1 4  15  16   17   18   19

Create a number hunt for someone else to follow - find 11 of something first - maybe you have 11 books or 11 paw patrol toys. Put them in a line and give them the 11 poster.

Then search for 12.......etc

When you are ready announce that you are ready and someone has to find your piles in the right order - use every area of your house - if they find 14 in the bathroom with a pile of towels before they have found 13 they can't ... 

History - discuss what makes a toy old.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend too. I am super proud of all that we are doing at home and at school. Our school is amazing. Thank you for all your comments confirming this!

If you are coming into school please bring snack and water as there is no fruit or milk provided.

Look at the next picture in the story - draw the 2 characters and give them thought bubbles.

Talk about how picture 1 and 2 are linked - the toys are now on an adventure

3D shape - Friday!!!

use your imagination and make - e.g. cylinders - armour sleeves out of paper , a cone hat, play with your marble run or football - sphere, wrap more presents with left over wrapping paper - give your toys cube and cuboid presents by wrapping duplo, a box....  whatever your house provide for you!!

Geography - Research London

Find out why it's the capital, what that means, what you would see there, how long it would take to get there ..... Write London in the middle of a big piece of paper and draw around it all you find out.

Maths - describe a house to draw - a triangle roof, 4 square windows etc. 

Draw your own house and label the shapes.

Maybe a 3D lego house?

7th January Respond to the illustration

Thank you everyone who managed to join us for our first zoom meeting!

I thought I invited you all this morning - obviously not! I will get better!

It was so lovely to see and hear you !!

After my staff meeting tonight I will set 2 daily slots to contact you starting tomorrow. 

If you missed it that was my fault. Don't worry xxx  

Happy New Year Bryony parents and carers as we enter yet another form of weird!!

By tomorrow we will be up and running - I will put tasks on here each day and hopefully some form of TEAMS zoom type meetings too to touch base and talk through work for the day.

I'm hoping to give you some kind of live teaching!!

Meanwhile email school if you need log-ins for TEAMS or PURPLE MASH  - they were sent home about a month ago in a special exercise book ready for this.

I am here for you and your child- don't be afraid to ask anything. Either email or phone school - I can always pop in and out to the phone or get back to you.

Meanwhile there is some work on TEAMS already.

Good luck! We can do this!!!

Happy Christmas!!!!

Thank you so much for all your kind gifts and cards. They are much appreciated. We have had a very busy day including a staff pantomime, a party and a fleeting glimpse of Father Christmas going by our classroom!

Have a truly wonderful Christmas xxx

Enjoy watching Bryony as part of 

The Midsomer Norton Deanery Carol Service 2020 on YouTube 

We are magnificent- many thanks to Mrs Tyler xxxx

Lots of fun in Bryony - making houses with mechanisms- hinged doors and windows, 

in the workshop, acting out the story 'I want my hat back '.

Christmas is coming and we are getting ready!!

Next Tuesday - wear your christmas jumper - normal uniform too.

Please sign up for the film night and winter wonderland experience next Wednesday night - 16th Dec

Come to school in warm clothes and bring a named mug. Don't pick them up until it's dark - how exciting! 4.40 I think!!  We will have a film and hot chocolate. During the day we will make christingles.

The last day - Friday 18th - bring a small party food box for yourself. Nothing that needs to go in the fridge. Remember your waterbottle that day xxxx

Our christmas present to them is a donation to a reindeer herd in Scotland - who knows one day our reindeer may be needed by Father Christmas!!

Have a great Christmas - it's been a wonderful first term with them .


homework 4th December - write your letter to Father Christmas if you haven't already done it.

Send it to him not to me!

Show someone at home the actions for our story of I want my hat back.

Maths - name 3D shapes - recognise pyramid, sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone.

Revise 2D too. I am always thrilled to see homework - maybe put it on TEAMs.

Please do not send it in as we are maintaining as much as possible the limit on this.

Clearly we may not be den building today!!!!!!

But please still wear non uniform warm clothes 

Bryony homework - 27th November

Retell the Christmas story. Draw a storymap to show the order.

Maths - search for 2D and 3D shapes. Can you name them?

If you are self-isolating please look on TEAMS for home learning

Exercise books coming home this week with log-in reminders- nothing has changed, we are just preparing.

Self-isolating - learning for Tuesday 17th - please look on TEAMs

Make a hat and write a description of it.

Maths - I have 5 cubes - some of them are red and some of them are yellow - work out each calculation. So it could be 3 red and 2 yellow - 3+2=5   Then try with 8 cubes.

phonics - ow - write   'The cow is going down the road to town.'


Extra learning for Monday 16th if you are self-isolating - please look on TEAMs

Writing - spell we me she he be - write them as a column of 'e's add phonemes to create words.

Ask questions - to the snake, tortoise,rabbit,frog - be the Bear searching for his hat.

Maths - I have 5 sweets, 3 have a red wrapper and one has a blue wrapper - is that correct?

Draw your home and who lives with you. Learn how to spell their names and label them. Talk about what makes a house a home. Research homelessness. 

For any child in Bryony self-isolating this week - write a question to ask the bear in our story.

Look at part/part/whole of simple calculations - 4+3=7 so 4 is a part, 3 is a part and 7 is the whole.

Do you know all your pairs =10?  Can you form letters c a and o correctly?

I am just exploring TEAMS again which we used for parents evening and will put homework here too from now on. Share their learning with me if you wish to.

English - spell family names. Whizz kids - extended family too.

Maths - create a maths story to explain a sum - e.g. 4+3=7 would be - there were 4 children in the classroom and 3 more came in giving Mrs Mitchell 7 children to teach. Whizz kids - choose your own sum.

Dear parents

from Monday I will be wearing a mask at the beginning and end of the day - nothing has changed, this is simply following a staff discussion. In school if we work up close to a child we wear a visor.

Thank you for all the baby photos - they cannot contain their excitement and often either give the game away before we guess it is them or stand up because they know one has been sent in of them so they claim it!

In maths practise explaining - how do you know it's that? Think of a number - they have to ask you questions to guess it - like ... is it more than 8? Is it a teen number? Is it between 11 and 17?

In English how many adjectives can they think of to describe something? Can you spot full stops at the end of sentences? Can they hear that is where you stop?

Practise forming numbers the correct way and writing their name correctly.


We are having a cosy mufti day! Thank you for your contributions to the PTFA.

Happy half term holiday - please have a good rest - keep safe.

Home learning if you are self isolating this week because of COVID -

look at ways to make ten - 5+5   8+2  9+1   etc

Read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk - retell the story - act it out. Write a sentence.

In phonics revise ch sh th ng ai ee 

Talk about senses - draw you and label with the 5 words - sight smell taste touch hearing

Reminders for this week -

Wednesday - vision screening

Thursday - mufti - wear your pyjamas - Mr Chorley will collect your donation to the PTFA at the gate

Friday - INSET

Harvest was truly wonderful - a great example of how to be creative with COVID and make it even more special with restrictions. I was very proud of them. Thank you for your contributions to The Dairy House homeless project. 

Parents evening - Monday - I have set up the meetings - finger crossed it will work with my IT skills! If not I will phone you or catch-up at another date.  Some people have opted for a phone call.

If you have opted for Thursday I will set these up nearer the time.


Maths - last week's challenge - answers - 5+2=7    2+5 =7

They also need to learn the format  - answer first - 7=5+2    7=2 +5

This week look at number bonds =10 

They always know 5+5. Can they tell you the others?

Can they show you with fingers - 6 up, 4 down 

Whizz kids apply it to 20 - so 16 and 4

English - can they retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

I think I confused you again, sorry - not everyone will bring home a phonics sheet if you have been looking out for one.

New reading group days too -they all should have brought home a letter - if in doubt send the folder every day

Opt out letter for vision screening test Year 1.

Drama- Sleeping Beauty

Homework - I don't need anything in writing but at home practise how to write an addition calculation -

give them 5 and 2  objects - obviously at school we use cubes etc. At home maybe pasta - put 5 pieces on one side and 2 on the other - they will be able to tell you 5 and 2 makes 7 but can they write the calculation without your help?   5+2=7

Whizz kids - can they write 4 addition calculations using 5  2  7 ?

Phonics sheets are coming home for them to practise key phonemes relevant to them.

Please return when completed. Keep practising them!

Welcome to Harley's family.
Back with my friends
Back with my friends 

Sorry - a mistake already -P.E. is on Friday not Thursday.

So this Friday wear your P.E. kit to school and then wear it into school again on Monday.

Normal uniform Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.


Reading days - by the end of next week I will have all of the groups sorted and will be able to tell you definite reading days. I have already heard them all read and will send home a book as soon as their book bag comes in. So send it in and then keep it at home until next Monday.

Then send the bag every day.

The book may be one they have had already or an easy read to get us back into the habit of reading and promote confidence and fluency.

Please bear with me - I will quickly move them to a higher level if needed. I am aware that some people have worked very hard to develop their reading. Groups will change through the year too.

Hello my lovely new class!

We had a truly brilliant first day xxx

I think we will be very tired by Friday.