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Arum – Reception

Welcome to Arum Class!

We visited Chew Valley Farm as part of our quest Where does food come from. We saw, feed and handled lots of amazing, friendly animals. Tahnks to all of the super sptaff there who were very patient.

We took part in the Easter workshop led by Esther, our Vicar. We learnt lots about the Easter story and how to say Jesus loves me in sign language..

Arum children have showed perseverance and resilence in P.E this term, practising climbing and balancing in Gymnastics. Some were very brave and climbed up and over the A frames!

Thank you to everyone who brought a nativity photo. We brought some wooden construction with the money raised. The children ahve been creating their own gardens with it.

The children were eager to plant the things we brought at the garden centre. Ask your child to show you where they are at home time.

After our Garden Centre visit we changed our role-play area. The children had lots of ideas.

As our quest is focussed on our changing garden we decided to visit our local Garden Centre in Chilcompton to widen our knowledge of Garden Centers. We have changed our role-play to one after our research!

This week we had a visit from a special visitor who came to advise us about planting and looking after our garden, Mrs Mitchell!She talked to the children about growing flowers and asked them what they would like to grow in our vegetable plot

Bedtime stories. We listened to stories read to us by Suzanne, Mr Chorley, Miss Woods and Ms Rodgers. We loved changing classrooms to listen to the stories. We all loved biscuits and hot chocolate yum!

Pancake Day; We joined the nursery and had lots of fun racing in our garden

Dear Parents and Children 

Sorry we are not together on the last day of term.  I hope you all have a well-deserved holiday.  The children have worked really hard this term and they have really enjoyed our quest:  What makes a Super Story.  We have had lots of fun and the children have showed a really good understanding and have had some brilliant ideas.  They are a very creative class! 

This week our focus book has been “Zog” Please find below some ideas and activities of things your child could do today: 

Draw and design their own dragon.  Adding as much detail as possible.  Can they think of a name for their dragon? Or maybe they want to draw a different character. 

Can they make a medal like Zog’s? 

Using construction can they make a character from Zog or/and build a setting for Zog. 

Ask your child to choose a story book.  Can they tell you what we call the front and back of a book and why?  Who is the author and what does the illustrator do?  Can they tell you what they think makes a super story? 

Ask your child to practise writing their name including surname if they would like a challenge along with the names of any siblings and other members of the family.  This can be done in any way you like pen, pencil, chalk, tray of flour, mud and a stick. 

Ask your child to read their school book and look at their sharing books.  Can they show you a capital letter, finger space and full stop.  What else can they show you? 

We have been learning a rhyme called five little dragons: 

Five little dragons learning how to fly, 

One blew fire and jumped up high. 

The king saw the dragon as the dragon zoomed by, 

Fly away dragon, wave goodbye. 

Repeat using 4, 3, 2, 1 dragons.  We also have actions to go with this which the children should be able to remember. 

In maths we have been looking at doubling numbers, ask your child to double the number you give them e.g. double 2 they show you four fingers.  The children have also enjoyed the following song: 

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version) - YouTube 


Stay safe and best wishes 

Jess Angel 

We have enjoyed hearing some of the children's super stories. They have been able to explain why they think their story is super and we all agree they are amazing!Thanks you we will continue this next week.

We have started to create our own individual stories and then ask our friends to act the story out. Here is a story called The Fairy saw a reindeer being acted out.

   In phonics this week we have learnt the new diagraphs; oa as in boat, goat

                                                                                            long oo as in boot, moon

                                                                                            short oo as in cook, book 

 we also have learnt new sight words(they can't be sounded out) they, was, all

  Please help your child find and read these words in books. Thanks 

forest school. The children were exploring Lily's wood.

 Phonics learnt this week;

  diagraphs(thats two letters which make one sound);ng, ai, ee (think ring, rain, feet)

  trigraphs(three letters which when together make one sound) igh

  tricky words (words which you just have to remember and can't be sounded out) my, you

 Welcome back everyone! It was so lovely to see our children returning to school and hearing about all of the amazing gifts they received. Many thanks for all of ours.

 In phonics we have learnt the following new diagraphs(two letters which when together make one sound); ch, sh, th. Please encourage your child to find these diagraphs in books that you share together as well as practise writing them.

 In phonics this week we started phase 3.

We have learnt these sounds; j,v,w,x and the tricky words(can't be sounded out) he and she. 

Please support your child in learning to read these two tricky words and the sounds the above letters make. Thanks.

 After our walk around the village we talked about creating a map of where we went. After talking about what we saw and looking at maps we decided to make our own.Here are a few examples.

 Thank you to everyone who walked with us around the village last week. We had so much fun! We visited Suzanne Phillips' farm and the Co-op to buy stamps and a treat for being so amazing. We practised crossing the road safely as well as walking on the pavement and along a road with no pavement! We especailly loved looking at the beautiful Autumn trees with their leaves changing colour. We had fun kicking and stamping on those leaves which had already fallen.  Raffert's mummy was so lucky she caught a beautiful leaf as it fell from the tree! Well done to everyone and a big thank you from Suzanne to all of the grown ups who volunteered. Enjoy the photos which we took on our travels.

 Phonics; We have come to the end of phase 2; We have learnt these sounds;l,ll,ff,ss.

 We have also recapped on some sounds we are finding tricky especailly b and d lots of muddling. Please support your child in learning these and all other sounds as well as the tricky words which have been sent home. Thank you.


 Phonics; Our new letters/sounds we have learnt this week are; u,r,h,b,f.

 The new sight words( these can't be sounded out and you just need to learn them from memory) are; go, no, the

 We have had an exciting week in school this week. On Tuesday we had a visitor to school. Suzanne Philips, who is a Learning Support Assistant in Campion, came to talk to us about living on her farm which is in Chilcompton. The children were very enthusiastic to hear her talking and showing us pictures of her cows. It sound s like you have to like getting up early to work and live on a farm. We loved to hear stories about the farm and how the cheeky seagulls eat some of the seeds once sown! We all agreed her farm makes Chilcompton a very specail place. Thank you Suzanne for the gift you left us, we all love our new addition to our class, Clemintine the cow!   

 On Wednesday morning we made an exciting trip in the school minibus to St John's Church. The children were eager to get on board. One child made a comment, "It's like going on holiday." Our new curriculum asks us to enrich and enhance children's experiences and as our quest is about our local area we felt this was a good opportunity to visit the church.

 Esther and Steve were waiting for us with smiles. Whilst at the church we explored some of the building, we sang songs (including Big Red Combine Harvester), danced, listened to Esther talking about her job and had our snack. Esther read us The Lost Sheep from the Bible and we talked about the meaning of the story. The time whizzed by and we promised we would go back soon to have more adventures.

 Welcome back everyone!

 It was so lovely to see everyone back in school this week. The children had lots to tell us about their week at home, some super Halloween stories! 

All have settled back well and are trying to learn the new sound in phonics everyday.

Our new letters/sounds are the following;


 In addition to this we are learning some sight words. Please help your child to learn these words as they can not be 'sounded out' I , a which of course they say the sound rather than the word. See if you can spot them in any book. Thanks for your continued support.

 Phonics; So far(up to end of Autumn term 1) we have learnt the following letter sounds in or phonics sessions; s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g.

 Please help your child to recognise these letter sounds (not the name).

 Please sound talk (speak like a robot) to your child as much as possible and encourage them to push the sounds together(blend) to make words. Eg; s-a-t is sat,p-i-n is pin, t-a-p is tap and so on. Thanks.

 Please read as much as possible to your child and talk about the book you have read. Be good role models yourselves, let your child see you read as well! Thanks for your on going support.

 We all had a go at Yoga this week in our P.E lesson. We talked about it making our tummy muscles stronger. Yoga is really good at enabling us to focuss on our breathing. We practised saying om whilst sitting cross legged and breathing in through our nose and out through our mouths. Everyone tried and  Suzanne was impressed everyone showed perseverence. Well done!

 On Tuesday 19th October we walked across the fields to St Vigor Church in Stratton-On-The -Fosse, for our Harvest celebration. On the way we talked about what we could see, hear and smell. Some children spotted a rabbit in the field which was spooked by us! We all heard the wind and the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. Some children recalled the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt as we walked through the wooded area. We were all adventurous by walking through the field of grazing cows, closely watched by Mr Chorley. Eventually we got to the church and it was here we met a very cheery Esther, along with Bryony and Campion class. We delivered our Harvest contribution to the Altar and listened to Mr Chorley talking about how every class had made a contribution to decorate the church in their own unique way. We left our handprints with individual comments about who was special to us dangling above the altar. We hope you were able to see them. Esther was impressed that we were able to sign Thank you. Here are some photos of the event and some tree pictures we decided to create in the afternoon after our walk.

 We have some very special visitors every Wednesdaymorning to teach us sign language. Children from The Mill come into Arum to teach us their sign of the week. So far this term we have learnt please, thank you, milk and  water. Sandra has also taught us a little song where we can pratise our please and thank you signs. All of Arum staff are learning with the children as well. Here they are in action!

Here are a few photos from our first few weeks at school in Arum.

  Well done to everyone for a successful first week in school. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to seeing everyone with a smiley face on Monday! Have a lovely, restful weekend.Jess, Suzanne, Louise and Vicky


Arum Class Trip Letter