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Times Tables



When your child has access to DoodleMaths, their log-in will also give them access to DoodleTables.


  • DoodleTables empowers children to master their times tables. 
  • Exercises support children in developing their step-counting skills and gradually encourage instant recall, taking them beyond the standard 12 x 12 multiplication grid.

Being Connected


Times Table Practice Booklets: Principles

  1. Learn as a memorised phrase by repeating sound pattern out loud.
  2. Learn each fact one way round only, then get confident at switching factors.
  3. When trying to recall a fact, say the WHOLE number sentence out loud and see if the answer trips off your tongue.  
  4. Learn one new fact at a time.  Don’t try to learn the whole times table at once



  • Each booklet works progressively through learning a times table.
    • Practice the first part of the new times table
    • Practice the second part of the new times table
    • Practice all the facts from the new times table
    • Mix this times table with previously learnt times table facts