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Coronavirus resources for children with SEN

1. Hand or star breathing-

2. Sensory, grounding, soothing, and regulating box-

3. Muscle tensing and releasing tool-

4. Left and right body breathing-

5. Rhythm and butterfly breathing-

6. Externalising worry through worry dolls, worry plaques etc-

There are many many more worksheets, tips, tools, and resources in my books and cards (available from amazon and a range of other retailers):


1. Binnie the Baboon- a workbook for anxiety, stress, worries, and fears-


2. Presley the Pug- a workbook for relaxation, calm and emotional regulation-


3. Therapeutic Treasure Deck of grounding, regulating, soothing, and coping cards-


4. Neon the ninja focusing on nightmares, sleep difficulties, and night terrors-