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Term 5

Jubilee Art Session 👸

PE - Afternoon rugby fun in the sunshine ☀️

Geography - Today things got messy in the Campion classroom! Some might say VERY messy! We had great fun though making our papier-maché globes. Work in progress but watch this space! Fingers crossed they dry out ready for painting next week! A huge thank you to Madame Mills for sacrificing our French lesson and helping with the clear-up operation!

Maths - This week (week 2) we have started our new topic on length and height. We had great fun measuring things (and each other including Ms Rogers and Jigsaw Jo!) with non-standard units such as cubes, books and rulers!

Welcome back children and parents! We hope you all had a lovely Easter and are well rested for term 5. Please find below our curriculum for this term as well as the optional homework menu. We will also be sending home some additional maths homework sheets, just to practise all of the core skills prior to the SATS later this month.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Ms Rogers and Mrs Wells

This term's QUEST is ...

What lives in our oceans? 

Term 5 Campion Curriculum

Term 5 Homework Menu