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St Vigor and St John Church School and The Mill Nursery

being adventurous,

being ethical,

being connected,

being unique

Visions, Values and Development Plans

The philosophy for learning at our school is summarised in our school vision statement…


‘We are building a loving and sustainable community of adventurous lead learners’


Central to this vision are four key dispositions that we aim to develop in our children within and beyond the classroom;

  • being adventurous

to have the courage and determination to explore their world; to be questful and discover and make meaning; to be creative and grow ideas; to take risks and have a go; to be philosophical and challenging; to be curious, ask questions and enquire; to be bothered

  • being ethical

to consider what is right; to make considered choices; to help make a sustainable world by showing love and care for themselves, others and the environment; to respect and champion rights for all; to model good behaviour

  • being connected

to be 'grounded' and secure in their place; to develop a good relationship with the world and its community both near and far; to develop and maintain good relationships with others; to be considerate, open and tolerant; to show care for our environment and realise the interdependent nature of communities

  • being unique

to 'shine' in their world; to be proud of who they are and their achievements; to want to know how to improve and grow; to lead the learning of others; to be successful, skilled learners; to be passionate


Our four key dispositions link to the Church of England's vision for education; educating for hope, community, wisdom and dignity.  


At St Vigor and St John School we believe learning is a collaborate activity. We aim to foster positive relationships with all members of our learning community; children, parents, staff, governors, the church, neighbours, local organisations, other professionals... we all have a role in supporting learning and well-being.


"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge"


- Psalm 91:4


As a Church school, we make visible and promote a number of key values. These values help us to describe what we think is important in how we learn and live together. They form a focus in assemblies and collective worship, in personal and social education, in the wider curriculum, in our school rules and in the way we relate to each other. They are based on a set of values described by The Diocese of Bath and Wells and include; perseverance, love (agape), respect, forgiveness, friendship and peace. Each term we focus on one of these values, how we can follow them to improve life for everyone and how The Bible can be a source for learning about these values.




School Development Plan 2022-23